1. Repair Officer
    CDR Duffek
  2. Production Management Assistant
    LCDR Schmidt
  3. Repair Master Chief
    HTCM Blair
  4. Mission of Repair department
    To provide repair services to submarines and ships of the Pacific Fleet.
  5. Purpose of QA
    To ensure that all specifications are met at all times and proper procedures are being followed and supervised
  6. CWP
    • Controlled Work Package
    • Has OQE.
  7. Basic qual for repair personnel
    QA 301, 3m 301
  8. What started sub safe program
    The sinking of USS Thresher
  9. AWR
    Automated Work request
  10. R0- Repair Admin
    DIVO - HTCM Richardson. Ship's Superintendent; Repair Admin; ARRS (Analysis of Records and Reports Section); REP training; Print Shop; Drafting shop; photo lab
  11. R1- Hull Repair
    DIVO-ENS Cambell-Martin. Ship fitter shop; sheet metal shop; weld shop; pipe shop; flex hose shop; lagging shop; carpenter shop; canvas or upholstery shop; powder coat shop; deck and tile shop
  12. R2-Machinery Repair
    DIVO-ENCS Olsen. Inside Machine - Inside machine shop, engraving shop, lock shop. Outside machine - AC&R shop, Hydraulic shop, Pump shop, Outside machine shop, valve shop, diesel engine shop, shore services, decking, rigging loft
  13. R4-Electrical & Electronic Repair
    DIVO-ENS Mausolf. Motor rewind shop, outside electrical shop, rubber & plastics, sound analysis, tool issue, instrument calibration, electronic calibration, MIRCS Lab (Mechanical Instrument Repair Calibration Services), Electronic Repair, Sonar Repair, CPU Repair, Antenna Repair, IC Repair, optical shop
  14. R5-Radiological Controls
    DIVO-CWO4 Ackerman. RADCON Officer-LT Barth. RADCON ADMIN, RADCON Training, RADIAC Calibration, NUC Repair, NUC Planning, NUC TECH Library, Health Physics
  15. R6- Divers
    DIVO-CWO2 Kypros. Dive locker
  16. R7-Planning and Estimating
    DIVO-ENS Deering. Non-nuclear planners, TECH library
  17. R8-QA
    DIVO-LT Carey. Non-Destructive Testing NDT Lab, Water Chemical Lab, QA Office
  18. What is the purpose of fire control?
    To put weapons on target
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