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  1. A lab technician mixed a 660 ml solution of water and alcohol. If 3% of the solution is alcohol, how many milometers of alcohol were used, and how many milometers of water were used?
    • 1. Multiply the total (660) times the percentage (0.03) to find out how much alcohol there is, you need 3% of the solution.
    • 2. You then subtract whatever number you get (19.8) from the total (660) and you get how much water there is (640.2).
  2. A basketball team sells tickets that cost $10, $20, or, for VIP seats $30. The team has sold 493 tickets overall. It has sold 187 more $20 tickets than $10 tickets. The total sales are $8870. How may tickets of each kind have been sold?
    This ends up being just a substitution problem with three equations. First find the equations,

    • 1. x+y+z=493
    • 2. 10x+20y+30z=8870
    • 3. y=x+187

    Then substitute in y where it needs to be, getting rid of y, then use the substitution method to get rid of the x or z and give the number up by itself. Solve like any other substitution problem. :)
  3. When multiplying exponents:
    You add them,

    (x^2)^4 = 8^6
  4. (3k)3m-3

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