1. How do you measure line
  2. How do you measure wire rope
  3. Strength
    Double braid is stronger
  4. Define. Hold
    Secure the line so it doesn't allow slippage
  5. Define Check
  6. Define Ease
    Let the line out smoothly
  7. Define. Slack
    Allow line to rin out using hand over hand method, keeping it out of the water
  8. Define. Take-in
    Bring the line onboard
  9. Define. Cast off
    Remove the line from the bit
  10. Define. Avast
    Hold the line, do not slack or heave around
  11. Define. Heave around
    Pull on the line
  12. Define. Swing circle
    Amount of chain released , distance hawspipe plus ship length
  13. Define. Drag circle
    Amount of chain released, distwnce hawspipe to pelorous
  14. Define. Manropes(monkey lines)
    A safety line made up with a series of overhand or figure eight knots evenly spaced to assist personnel climbing up and down
  15. Bitt
    Makes lines fast that have been fairled through chocks
  16. Chock
    Smooth surface which mooring lines are led to prevent them from chafing. Three types. Closed. Open. Roller
  17. Cleat
    Used for belaying a line or wire
  18. Bullnose
    Forwardmost chock
  19. Hawspipe
    Pipe where the anchor is hawsed
  20. Chain
    Hold the ship in place when at anchorage. 3" aft anchor chain
  21. Turnbuckle
    Used on the stopper assembly to secure the anchor
  22. Gypsyhead
    Used to heave around on the lines and wires. Has a horizontal rotational axis
  23. Capstan
    Used to heave around on mooring lines and wires. Has a vertical rotational axis
  24. Detachable link
    Used to connect links of chain together
  25. Chain marking
    Lets you know how much chain you have out. Colors are red white and blue. Number of white links on one side of colored link = number of shots out. 11th shot is yellow, 12th shot is red
  26. Chain stopper
    Used to secure chain and anchor. 5 parts: shackle, detachable link, turnbuckle, detachable link, pelican hook.
  27. Hawsing stopper
    Closest stopper to the anchor
  28. Riding stopper
    Farthest stopper from the anchor
  29. Pelican hook
    Part of the stopper that actually secures the chain
  30. Wildcat
    Used for hoisting and controlled lowering of the anchor
  31. Flemish
    Line coiled flat and tight
  32. Coil
    Make a circle with line and pile on top of itself
  33. Fake
    The act of disposing of line, wire, or chain by laying it out in long, flat bights, alongside the other
  34. Mooring stations
    Lines 1 & 2 by deck berthing. Lines 3 & 4 by accomodation ladders. Lines 5 & 6 in machine shop
  35. Dip the eye
    Second eye is led through the first eye and put on the bitt
  36. Single up
    Putting out first line at all
  37. Double up
    Putting out second line
  38. Unrep. Underway replenishment
    Means of transferrimg stuff from one ship to another
  39. Vertrep. Vertical replenishment
  40. Conrep. Connected replenishment
    Ships side by side
  41. Standard tension replenishment alongside method. (stream)
    Replenishment conducted while wire is under tension
  42. Cargo drop reel
    Takes the place of a sliding padeye. Used on ships that dont have a sliding padeye
  43. Sliding pad eye
    Device used for receiving cargo
  44. Safety observer
    White with green cross
  45. Rig captain
    Yellow hardhat
  46. Diggers
    Blue hardhat
  47. Signalman
    Green hardhat
  48. Corpsman
    White with red cross
  49. Gunners mate
    Red hardhat
  50. Winch operator
    Brown hardhat
  51. Phone talker
    Green hardhat
  52. Romeo close up
    Ready for your approach. Commencing approach
  53. Prep close up
    Replenishment complete
  54. Bravo hauled down
    Unrep complete
  55. Life boats
    Mark 7, 25 man with 100' seapainter.
  56. 4 ways to deploy life raft
    1 depth of 40' feet. 2-hydro release. 3-cutting the line. 4- untie the line
  57. Ood
    Responsible for the ship and to the co
  58. Boatswains mate of the watch
    Responsible for the enlisted watch team
  59. Helmsman/lee helmsman
    Steer the ship
  60. Lookouts
    Scan the surface and air for contacts and reports any contacts to the OOD on the bridge.
  61. Quartermaster of the watch (QMOW)
    Plots the course and takes fixes as needed.
  62. Barometer
    An instrument that measures atmospheric pressure.
  63. Psychrometer
    An instrument used for determining atmospheric humidity consisting of a dry-buld and wet-buld thermometers.
  64. Refueling Stations
    4 (2 Port & 2 Stbd) 01 Level aft-Portable 03 Level forward-2 kingspost 03 Level aft-1 kingpost 1 samson post
  65. 6 small boats
    One 33 ft captain's gig Two 26ft Motor Whale Boat (MWB) Two 40ft Utility Boat (UB) One 7m Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB)
  66. 40' Utility Boats
    Liberty & Cargo
  67. Cranes
    Two Cargo and Sail cranes (5 ton capacity) One Boat & Missle Centerline Crane (30 ton capacity main hook, 4 ton capacity aux. hook)
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