CDC 3S051 Volume 1

  1. before the total force service center TFSC, when personnel specialists were asked a question they could not answer, they contacted the
  2. who determines which military personnel responsibilities are performed by the satellite personnel activity SPA?
    manpower and personnel flight commander
  3. which criteria for career progression is not provided by the classification system?

    yes; retention, upgrade, award
  4. within the classification structure what identifier is used to identify positions or persons not elsewhere identified?
    reporting identifiers
  5. within the classification structure, what identifier is used to identify experience and training not otherwise identified in the personnel data system?
    specialty experience
  6. when classified docs are removed from secured storage, they are kept under survailence, which standard form cover sheets shall be placed on all docs?
    SF 703, 704, 705
  7. A one-time verbal attestation for all military and civilians with a top secret eligibility or access to a specialty controlled access category or compartment is given under authority of which office?
    the sec of defense
  8. in respect to the privacy act, DoD policy allows individuals to do all of the following except
    allow individuals unwarrented access to other peopls record

    they will; correct or amend their records, allow individuals access to a copy of all or any portion of their record, protect individuals from unwarranted invasion of their personal privacy
  9. release of personal info to third parties is only apprepriate when the subject
    agrees in writing
  10. what info does not require written consent from the subject before being released?
    basic pay info.
  11. written consent is required for release of what info?
  12. when balancing the public interest against the individuals probable loss of privacy, all are considered factors to not consider except

  13. within the electronic record processing system, what  application is considered an electronic viewer containing role based access RBA?
    PRDA personnel records display application
  14. PRDA personnel records display application  is considered an application module of what system?
    vPSC, virtual personnel service center
  15. role based access RBA provides a means to name and describe relationships between individuals and rights, which means does not allow a user to acuire a role of access?
  16. custodians are required to make the officer command selection record group OCSRGp for most line of the air force LAF officers in the grade of captain after how many years of active commissioned service?
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CDC 3S051 Volume 1
CDC 3S051 Volume 1