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  1. What are the four stages of the cell cycle?
    The four stages of the cell cycle are:

    G1, S, G2, and M.
  2. When do a cell's chromosomes replicate?
    The chromosomes replicate during the S (synthesis) stage of interphase.
  3. What is the order of the four stages of mitosis?
    Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase.
  4. What is a chromatid?
    A chromatid is one half of a replicated chromosome. 

    Sister chromatids are attached by the centromere.
  5. In which mitotic phase does spindle formation occur?
    Spindle formation occurs during prophase.
  6. In which mitotic phase are the chromosomes lined up in the equatorial plane?
    The chromosomes line up during metaphase.
  7. In which mitotic phase do the chromosomes separate?
    The chromosomes separate during anaphase.
  8. In which mitotic phase does cytokinesis occur?
    Cytokinesis occurs during telophase.
  9. Name the following mitotic stages:

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    • 1. Prophase
    • 2. Metaphase
    • 3. Anaphase
    • 4. Telophase
  10. How many chromosomes are in a human diploid cell?
    A human diploid cell had 46 chromosomes.
  11. How many chromosomes are in a human haploid cell?
    A human haploid cell had 23 chromosomes.
  12. What is a gametocyte?
    A gametocyte is a haploid cell that ungergoes meiosis.
  13. (T/F) Homologous chromosomes code for different traits.
    False, homologous chromosomes code for the same traits.
  14. In what phase of meiosis would one find a tetrad?
    Tetrads exist in Prophase I.
  15. (T/F) Synapsis and crossing over result in genetic recombination.
  16. Name the different structures of the male reproductive tract.

    Seminiferous tubules (testes), epididymis, vas deferens, ejaculatory duct, (nothing), urethra, penis.

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  17. What is the sequence of development for a mature sperm cell?
    Primary spermatocyte, secondary spermatocyte, spermatid, and spermatozoa.

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  18. What is an acrosome?
    An acrosome is the enzyme-containing cap-like structure on the head of a sperm.
  19. (T/F) At birth, a female child's ova are arrested at prophase 1 and are called primary oocytes.
  20. Starting with the ovary, name the different structures of the female reproductive tract.
    Overy, oviduct (fallopian tube), uterus, cervix, vagina.
  21. What are the corona radiata and zona pellucida?
    The corona radiata is the outer layer of cells that surrounds the ovum. The zona pellucida is the inner layer of cells that surrounds the ovum.
  22. What is a polar body?
    A polar body is a small cell that results from the unequal distribution of cytoplasm during meiosis.
  23. (T/F) Dizygotic (fraternal) twins are identical.
    Falso, monozygotic twins are identical.
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