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  1. Consonant
    A phoneme produced when the vocal channel is obstructed either partially or completely
  2. Formant
    Resonences in tone that identify vowel, color and brilliance
  3. Diphthong
    The combination of 2 vowel sounds
  4. Register
    A series of sounds of equal quality
  5. Fundamental
    The lowest tone in a harmonic series
  6. Modal/Chest Register
    The adjustment in both male and female voices used to sing low notes and middle notes
  7. Affricatives
    Consonants that are combinations of plosives and fricatives (ch, ks)
  8. Pure Vowel
    A single sound produced by one position of the vocal mechanism
  9. Pronunciation
    The process in which the vowels and consonants are combined into larger group openings called syllables, words and phrases
  10. Voix Mixte
    Middle Register; the area of overlap between the head and chest/modal registers
  11. Phonemes
    All uttered sounds (language sounds)
  12. Fricatives
    Consonants formed by air forced through a small opening causing the noise components (f, s, or th)
  13. Damping
    When resonances are being absorbed rather than projected. Their energy is used to overcome friction rather than enhance sound vibration.
  14. Thyroaritenoid Muscles
    The muscles that govern chest register
  15. Overtone
    A harmonic with a frequency that is a multiple of the fundamental frequency
  16. Shifts
    Working through a passaggio by MANIPULATUON of the voice (THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN)
  17. Enunciation
    The procedure in which energy is applied to the vowels and consonants so that the communication becomes audible in speech or song
  18. Vowel
    The sound that results from a vocal channel that is completely open
  19. Head voice
    The light adjustment in the voice used for upper tones above the secundo passaggio and in Voix mixte
  20. Plosives
    Consonant group characterized by a buildup of air pressure behind an articulator with sudden release
  21. Articulation
    The use of the articulators to form and mold words and sounds in the vocal tract
  22. Passaggio
    Italian for "passages"; areas of overlap between registers
  23. Continuant
    A speech sound that may be extended during a single breath as in a voiced consonant
  24. Voiced Consonants
    Consonants having both a noise component and vocal fold involvement
  25. Lifts
    Working through a passaggio by way of sensations felt by a singer in a vocal mechanism while moving up the scale - the adjustment in pitch scale where vocal production is less effortful
  26. Cricothyroid muscles
    4 muscles outside the larynx that set pitch by tilting the thyroid cartilage, which is believed to control the head register.
  27. Stops
    Some plosive, fricative and affricative consonants that briefly halt airflow and sound
  28. Diction
    The clear and accurate formation, production and projection of the elementary sounds of language suited to the tonal expression of the words and music of a song
  29. Singers Formant
    The grouping of formants 3, 4 and 5 producing brilliance in the tone; it ranges somewhere between 2800 and 3400 Hz
  30. Triphthong
    The combination of three vowel sounds
  31. Chiaroscuro
    Italian term for "bright-dark" tone - brilliance and richness in the same sound at the same time
  32. Falsetto
    The lightest register in the male and female voice; also called the 'effeminate voice' in the male
  33. Unvoiced Consonant
    Consonants with a noise component only; the vocal cords do not function
  34. Bucco-Pharyngeal Cavity
    The resonator for a singer; begins above the vocal cords and proceeds through the pharynx
  35. Aggiustamento
    (Aka Phoneme migration) the modification of a vowel sound to ease distress within the vocal mechanism at certain volumes or at certain pitches
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