1-1 A Brief History of Medicine

  1. Acupuncture
    Involves the insertion of needles at various points in the body to treat disease or relieve pain.
  2. Anesthesia
    Without sensation, with or without loss of consciousness.
  3. Apothecaries
    One who dispenses drugs and medicines.
  4. Apprenticeship
    A training or learning period; study under the guidance of a skilled, experienced worker.
  5. Asepsis
    A condition free of organisms
  6. Caduceus
    The wand of Hermes or Mercury; used as a symbol of the medical profession.
  7. Cautery
    An iron or caustic used to burn tissue.
  8. Disease
    Sickness, illness, ailment.
  9. Epidemics
    Affecting many persons at one time.
  10. Exorcism
    The act of expelling an evil spirit.
  11. Guilds
    Associations of persons engaged in the same trade or calling for mutual protection.
  12. Hippocratic Oath
    Refers to the oath taken by a doctor bonding him to observe the code of medical ethics contained in the oath by Hippocrates in the 4th century.
  13. Infectious
    Capable of producing infection; denoting a disease in the body caused by the presence of germs; tending to spread to others.
  14. Pandemic
    Epidemic over a large region; epidemic in many regions.
  15. Physicians
    A medical doctor; one skilled in the practice of medicine.
  16. Plague
    A deadly epidemic or pestilence.
  17. Practitioners
    One who practices the profession of medicine.
  18. Roentgen
    Refers to X-rays.
  19. Scientific
    Based upon or using the principles and methods of science; systematic; exact.
  20. Surgeons
    A physician with advanced training in operative procedures.
  21. Surgery
    The branch of medicine dealing with manual and operative procedures for correction of deformities and defects and repair of injuries.
  22. Trephining
    Cutting out a circular section.
  23. Vaccination
    Inoculation with modified harmless viruses or other microorganisms to produce immunity, a preventive against disease.
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