Carbs and lipids

  1. What are 3 types of lipids?
    Triglycerides, phospholipids, and sterols
  2. What is the most consumed type of lipid?
  3. Why are phospholipids important?
    they are important for transporation
  4. What are sterols good for?
    cell membrane, precursor to Vit D, hormones and bile
  5. What determines if the lipid is solid or liquid?
    fatty acids
  6. What are trans fatty acids?
    man made by hydrogenation
  7. What kind of chain does a Cis fatty acid have?
    bent chain
  8. What kind of chain does a trans fatty acid have?
    chain is straighter
  9. What helps break down lipids?
    gastric lipase and salivary lipase
  10. Which lipoprotein picks up cholesterol for removal or recycling?

    D. high-density
  11. Which type of lipid transports other lipids through body fluids?

    B. phospholipids
  12. What is the recommended intake of fats in the diet?

    C. 20-35%
  13. How many kcals/g of energy are derived from triglycerides?

    B. 9
  14. Large lipids are absorbed through __________ and travel through the ___________.

    D. lacteal; lymph
  15. Non-Essential fatty acids can be made in the body.  
    A) true  
    B) false
    A) true
  16. Saturation of a lipid is determined by its'…?
    A) chain length  
    B) lipid composition  
    C) double bonds  
    D) peptide bonds
  17.  _______________ are the building blocks of  all lipids.

    A) fatty acids
  18. The earliest stage of cancer development is __________.

    D) initiation
  19. Lipid digestion begins in the _____________. A) mouth  
    B) stomach  
    C) duodenum  
    D) ileum
    A) mouth
  20. The AMDR for carbohydrate intake is which of the following?

    C) 45-65%
  21. Which of the following conditions causes one to permanently stop producing insulin even if they did at one time?

    C) Type I diabetes 
  22.  Which hormone is released when the body detects high blood glucose levels?

    B)   insulin
  23. Which of the following class of enzymes breaks disaccharides into monosacharides for absorption?     

    A)   brush boarder
  24. Functional fiber is the fiber found naturally in foods.
    A) True  
    B) False
    B) False
  25. Where does carbohydrate digestion begin?

    D)   mouth
  26.  Which of the following is “blood sugar?”

    D)   glucose
  27. What are LDLs?
    Low density lipoproteins
  28. What % of Lipids should you consume?
  29. What is the ratio for omega 3 and fatty acids thats most perfered?
    For every 1 Omega-3 there are 6 Fatty acids
  30. What types are easier to break down?
    the kinkier chains
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