Sound and light

  1. Origin of music

    Define Sound
    vibrations that travel through air or another medium and can be heard when they reach the ears.
  2. Define sound waves in the air.
    Pressure waves that move back and forth vibrations of particles of the medium through which the sound moves.
  3. Define compression in sound.
    Regions of high air pressures
  4. Define rarefaction in sounds
    Region of low air pressures
  5. Define wavelengths
    A distance that a disturbance travels along a medium in one complete wave cycles
  6. transverse wave
    the measurement of one wave crest to the next adjacent wave crest.  These are energy that is carried away from the source.
  7. Longitudinal waves
    repeating patterns of compression and rarefactions measured as the distance from one compression to the next adjacent compression or the distance from one rarefaction to the next adjacent rarefaction.
  8. ****Speed of sound****

    Define pressure waves
    • repeating patterns of high and low pressure
    • (compression and rarefaction)
  9. What are high pressure in pressure waves?
    The arrival of a compression
  10. What are low pressure in pressure waves?
    the arrival of a rarefaction
  11. Sine curves at high pressures
    at a peak on the graph is high
  12. Sine curves at low pressures
    at a low peak on the graph
  13. what are zero points on the graph for pressure?
    the pressure that the air would have
  14. What are sound waves traveling through the air?
    They are Longitudinal waves with compression and rarefactions
  15. ****pitch and frequency****

    Frequency of a wave refers to how often the particles of the medium vibrate when a wave passes through the medium
  16. Frequency of a wave
    a number of complete back and forth vibrations of a particle of the medium per unit of time
  17. What is the frequency of sound waves that a human can hear?
    between 20 Hz and 20000 Hz
  18. What is Infrasound
    any sound with a frequency below audible range of hearing (less than 20Hz)
  19. what is ultrasound
    any sound above audible range of hearing (20000Hz)
  20. ***Pitch***

    Define pitch
    the sensation of a frequency of sound
  21. What is a high pitch sound
    a high frequency sound wave
  22. What is a low pitch sound
    a low frequency sound wave
  23. Define constant
    certain sound waves that when played on an instrument, plays simultaneously and will be pleasant.
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Sound and light
Sound and light