LAB Quiz clinical methods

  1. What are the 3 normal breath sounds?
    • Vesicular- soft low pitch
    • bronchovesicular- moderate blowing sound
    • bronchial- high-pitched, loud, "harsh"
  2. Adventitious Breath Sounds
    • Crackles (rales)- fine, short, crackling. Air passing through mucus or fluid
    • Gurgles (rhonchi)- continuous low-pitched gurgling, snoring.  narrowed passages
    • Friction Rub- superficial crackling.  inflamed pleural surface
    • Wheeze- high-pitched squeaky, musical.  swelling, tumor or secretions constricted airway
  3. Define whispered pectoriloquy
    • pt whispers "1,2,3", listen with stethoscope.  Normal= faint sounds
    • Abnormal=sounds clear
  4. define bronchophony
    • Pt says "99"  in normal voice.  listen with stethoscope. 
    • Normal=words indistinct
    • Bronchophony=sounds heard clearly
  5. Egophony
    listen with stethoscope, patient says "e". normal lung will be "e" as in beet.  consolidated lung will be "a" as in say.
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