alt mental 2 suicide

  1. what are gender risks?
  2. what are race risks?
    white, indians, alaskan natives
  3. what are religion risks?
    jews, protestants
  4. what are marriage risks?
    divorced men
  5. what are profession risks?
    professionals, high money people
  6. what does freud think about suicide?
    agression turned inward.
  7. what did menninger think of suicide?
    wish to kill, wish to be killed, wish to die
  8. what did Aaron beck think of suicide?
    central emotional factor is hopelessness
  9. what is a copycat suicide?
    mimicking to follow idol
  10. why are adolescents at risk for suicide?
    premature frontal cortex
  11. how are african americans less at risk?
    religion, role of extended family
  12. how are hispanics less at risk?
    they're roman catholics.
  13. what is oregon's death with dignity act in '94?
    terminally ill pts allowed physician assisted suicide.
  14. is assisted suicide legal in switerland?
  15. what are "overt statements" for suicidals?
    open, observable, NOT secret.
  16. what are covert statements?
    • "it's ok now, everything will fine"
    • "things will never work out"
    • "i won't be a problem much longer"
  17. how do you assess lethality of the suicide plan?
    • - specific?
    • - how lethal is the method?
    • - access?
  18. what is the SAD PERSONS scale's 10 major risk factors?
    • - Sex male
    • - Age 25-44 or 65+
    • - Depression¬†
    • - Previous attempt
    • - Ethanol
    • - Rational thinking (none)
    • - Social supports lacking
    • - Organized plan
    • - No spouse
    • - Sickness
  19. on the SADPERSONS scale, what are point systems and what do you do with the scale?
    • -0-2: send home with followup
    • -3-4: closely followup; consider hospitalization
    • -5-6: strongly consider hospital
    • -7-10: hospitalize or commit
  20. what are primary interventions for suicide?
    activites that provide support, info, education to prevent suicide
  21. what is secondary intervention for suicide?
    tx of suicide crisis
  22. what are tertiary intervention for suicide?
    get with fam and friends to prevent aftereffects
  23. what is a suicide contract?
    written contract in which the pt agrees not to harm and do something else
  24. what do we have to do to have effective counseling?
    working relationship  to engage in more realistic problem solving.
  25. it's a major part to reconnect the person to family and friends
    gives them something to live for
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