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  1. infection
    when pathogenic organisms invade tissues and multiply. colonizationsof an organism w/ or w/o dieasea
  2. pathologic
    when the infection damages or disrupts the tissues and oragns leading to diease
  3. infectious disease
    disruption of a tissue or organ caused by microbes or thier products
  4. resident microbes
    each site has a particular population
  5. transient microbes
    just pass through normally do not reside and some cause pathogens most do not
  6. opportunist
    cause disease when given opportunity also
  7. biota
    uses human as habitat, benefits the human host by preventing the over growth of harmful microorganisms
  8. microbial antagonism
    over growth of harmful microorganisms
  9. pathogen
    a microbe whose relationship with it host is parasitic and results in infection and disease
  10. pathogenicity
    type of severity of infection depends on the pathogenicty  of the organisms and the condition  of its host
  11. virulence
    the degree or ability of an organism to cause disease
  12. virulence factors
    microbial componets that contribute to its ability  to cause diease
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