Chapter 20 Test

  1. What evidence do you have that the Earth rotates?
    Foucault pendulum
  2. The purpose of constellations is to
    divide the sky into units
  3. How did Galileo discover that the sun rotates?
    He tracked the movement of sunspots.
  4. What does rotation give us?
    night and day
  5. The model that Copernicus constructed showed planets traveling in which orbital shape?
  6. The apparent shift in the position of a star caused by Earth's motion is called
    stellar parallax
  7. An eclipse can occur during a
    new moon phase
  8. The same side of the moon always faces Earth because
    the moon turns at the same speed as it orbits
  9. The spinning of a body on its axis is called
  10. Whcih body is at the center of a heliocentric universe?
  11. Waxing refers to.
    a gradual change from all dark to all light
  12. A(n)__________ eclipse occurs when the Moon casts its shadow on Earth
  13. Galileo observed several features using the telescope. Which of the following did he NOT discover?
    moons of Mars
  14. How much time does it take the Moon to go around the Earth once?
    27 1/3 days
  15. If the visible Moon is said to be declining, the moon phase cycle is progressing from_________
    third-quarter to new moon
  16. In each orbit of its revolution around the Earth, the moon does not come directly between the sun and the Earth to produce an eclipse because
    the moon's orbit tilts
  17. Why are eclipses so rare?
    The plane of the moon's orbit is inclined by about 5 degrees
  18. One of the discoveries that led to the modern view of the solar system was that the orbits of the planets are ______________.
  19. What would be the eccentricity value of a perfect circle?
  20. In the ptolemaic (Greek) model of the universe __________
    Earth was in the center of the universe
  21. Due to Aristitle's strong influence, most ancient Greeks viewed the universe
  22. Why did Tycho Brahe not believe in the Copernican model?
    He was unable to observe stellar parallax.
  23. How did Galileo's finding the four moons of Jupiter support Copernican theory?
    Dispelled idea that Earth was the only center of motion in the universe
  24. Over the course on the year, in which direction do constellations appear to rotate in the Southern hemisphere?
  25. The apparent westward drift of the planets as compared to the background stars is called ___________.
    retrograde motion
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