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  1. IR Units provide what 7 items?

    • Flight Path Vector
    • Aircraft Position
    • Track

    • Heading
    • Angular Rate
    • Acceleration
    • Groundspeed
  2. ADR Units provide what 4 items?

    • Barometric Altitude
    • Overspeed Warnings
    • AOA
    • Temperature
    • Speed/Mach
  3. When in NORMAL LAW, the FACS provide?

    • Yaw Control - damping and turn coordination, rudder trim, rudder limiter.
    • Airspeed Protection Computation - alpha prot. high low limits, manspeed, pfd speed scale.
    • W/S Protection
    • Low Energy Warning Protection - "Speed Speed Speed" (active from 100'ra to 2,000'ra).
  4. What is the priority sequence for the electrical system?

    • Generators
    • External Power
    • APU
    • RAT
    • Batteries
  5. What valves do the Ditching pb close?

    • Avionics Inlet
    • Ram Air Inlet
    • Pack Flow Control Valves
    • Outflow Valve (if it's in AUTO)
  6. What would cause the amber PACK FAULT light to illuminate in the Pack 1 or Pack 2 pb?

    • Overheat pack outlet
    • Overheat compress inlet
    • Discontinuity of the sw position with the pack flow control valve.
  7. What causes an amber FAULT light on ENG1 BLEED and/or 2 pb?

    • Overpressure downstream of the bleed valve
    • Overheat
    • Leak
    • Discontinuity of the APU bleed valve open & eng bleed not closed OR during engine start and the valve not closed.
  8. When is the Speed brake extension prohibited?

    • SEC1 & 3 failed
    • AOA Protection activated
    • Flaps Full
    • Elevator L/R Fault (only spoiler panels 3 & 4 are inhibited).
    • Thr Lvrs above MCT and Alpha Floor has been activated.
  9. What would cause Wing Tip Brakes (WTB) to activate?

    • Runaway
    • Overspeed
    • Asymmetry
    • Movement (uncommanded)
  10. What are the indications of a GOOD cargo smoke test?
    Five 2's

    • 2 Amber "Disch" lights
    • 2 Red SMOKE lights
    • 2 Master Warning lights with CRC
    • 2 Cargo SMOKE lines on ECAM
    • The Test runs TWICE in order to check both smoke control unit channels.
  11. What's the significance of the amber FAULT on the ENG Pump Hydraulic pb?

    (same answer for the B or Y Electric Pump fault)

    • Pump pres low (inhib on grnd & eng stopped)
    • Over temp in reservoir
    • Low air pres in the reservoir
    • Low qty in the reservoir
  12. HYDRAULIC Panel

    What does the amber FAULT light in the PTU push button indicate (OLL)?
    • Overtemp in reservoir
    • Low air pressure in the reservoir
    • Low quantity in the reservoir
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