OB Chapter 7, uterus changes

  1. Goal of maternity care is a healthy pregnancy w/physically safe and emotionally satisfying outcome for
    • Mother
    • Baby
    • Family
  2. After conception, changes occur in the woman's body to
    • Support & nourish fetus
    • Prepare for lactation & labor
    • Maintain mom's health
  3. Nonpregnant uterus weighs about ______ and has capacity of  __________
    • 1.8-2.5 oz
    • 10 ml
  4. By term, the uterus weighs _______ and has a capacity of ________
    • 1.8-2.6 lbs
    • 5000ml/ 5L
  5. Uterine growth occurs due to _______ in the first trimester
    hyperplasia from stimulation by estrogen and growth factors
  6. Uterine growth in the 2nd and 3rd trimeseter is caused by
    hyperplasia and hypertrophy as the muscle stretches and accommodates fetus
  7. By term the wall of the uterus thins to ____ which helps for easier auscultation of the fetus heart
    .5-1 cm
  8. At 10 weeks the uterus is the size of an
  9. At 12 weeks the uterus is the size of a
  10. When is the uterus able to be palpitated above the pubis symphysis
    12 weeks
  11. When do patients begin to "show"
    14 weeks
  12. When does the fundus reach midway btwn the symphysis pubis and the umbilicus
    16 weeks
  13. When is the fundus located at the umbilicus
    20-22 weeks
  14. When does the xiphoid process push against the diapghrgram and cause SOB
    36 weeks
  15. Fundus measurements should correlate with
    weeks of pregnancy
  16. What is lightening
    fetus descends into pelvis, mother can breath easier, put urinates more frequently due to pressure on the bladder
  17. When does lightening occur
    38-40 weeks
  18. What are Braxton Hicks contractions
    irregular and painless contractions that occur intermittently
  19. What is the purpose of Braxton Hicks
    • facilitate uterine blood flow
    • Increase O2 to fetus
  20. Can Braxton Hicks increase in intensity/ duration, or cause cervical dilation
  21. What happens to blood flow as uterus increases in size
    increase rapidly(750 ml/min), can lead to anemic mom's
  22. What are 3 factors that decrease uterine blood flow
    • low maternal arterial pressure
    • contractions of the uterus
    • supine position(mother)
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