music test #3

  1. beethoven between classicism and romanticisim
    beethovens roots were firmily classical and he remained committed to the principles of the classical style but his music could be violent, solemn, severe, and gentle which emerged in response to romantic stirrings.
  2. what was bonaparte renamed and why?
    Erocia(Heroic) because napoleon declared himself emperor of france and that upset beethoven
  3. beethovens symphonic genre
    around 1800 to 1810 many of beethoven piano sonatas and string quartets sound like symphonies
  4. beethoven's humor
    broad, brusque, jocular, and violent
  5. motivic consistency of beethoven
    people marveled at the organic quality of such music like the first movement of the 5th symphony it seemed to grow like a plant
  6. beethoven's pyschological progression
    the four movements of the fifth symphony trace coherent and dramatic pyschological progression in several stages like fate knocks at the door and then to the fate being nullified
  7. scherzo
    joke in italian. it is a fast rushing movement in triple meter
  8. beethoven's fifth symphony start and end
    starts with a struggle and slowly ends with a triumph
  9. first movement of symphony No. 5
    is in sonata form
  10. term romantic
    was adopted by the romantics themselves. it first took hold in literature and then in 1820 music
  11. the cult of individual feeling
    romantic era is the first time that individual feeling is became the highest good
  12. the artist and the public
    the insitutionalization of concert life also had its negitive aspect in that audiences gradually became more conservative in their musical tastes.
  13. Rubato
    in a musical performance he rhythm is handled flexibly
  14. expansion of tone color
    mix of new combinations of instruments= multicolored shades of blended orchestral sound
  15. along with the new combinations of instruments what was also introduced
    conductors came to the floor. before they were conducted by the first violinist
  16. program music
    instrumental music written in association with a poem, story, or literary source or even a highly suggestive word or two
  17. minatures
    piece of music lasting only a few minutes or even less. mostly songs and short piano pieces designed to convey a pointed emotion, momentary and undeveloped
  18. franz schubert
  19. erlkonig
    though composed= music changes as words change
  20. strophic
    a song that repeats the same music over and over for all stanzas
  21. song cycle
    a group of songs associated by a common poetic theme or an actual story
  22. robert schumann
    dichterliebe (a poets love)
  23. etude
    study piece
  24. carnaval by robert schumann
    set of 20 short character pieces that really are characters (musical portraits of masked guests at a mardi gras ball
  25. eusebius
    schumann's pen name for his tender dreamy self and this little piece presents him at his most introspective
  26. frederic chopin
    nocturne= night piece
  27. types of pieces that chopin wrote
    noctunes, polonaises, mazurkas,etudes
  28. franz liszt
    flashy dashing looks and personality and womanizer
  29. concert overature
    an early 19th century genre resembling an opera overature but without any following opera
  30. program symphony
    • entire symphonies with programs spelled out movement by movement. 
    • example= hector berlioz fanstatic symphony
  31. idee fixe
    • term assocaited with berlioz fanstatic symphony
    • recurring melody
  32. giuseppe verdi
  33. La donna e mobile
    aria in rigoletto that perfectly captures the compelling energy of the Duke
  34. wagner's name for his operas
    music drama
  35. gesamtkunstwerk
    philosphical term meaning total work of art
  36. letimotive
    leading motive
  37. concept shown in nibelungs ring
    power and greed corrupts
  38. Richard Wagner
    righn of nibelungs= got it from german and north legends
  39. late romantic opera
    • music drama in wagners sense gave way to new realistic tendencies
    • operas=realism
  40. giacoma puccini
    madame butterfly
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