1. Give an example of when you had to organize a team in order to achieve a goal.  What process did you use to select the team members?
    Fiscal Council - Bring together two zones into on team.  Explain how we have worked together in the past.  Review how we can work togegther in the future.  Review individual strengths, discuss how decissions will be made.  Conscencious on the process
  2. Describe a situation in which a team you were responsible for was successful.  What actions did you take to help achieve this success?  What actions did you take, if any, to reinforce their performance?
    Supervisor security guards - created an environment of trust, open communication, empowerment.  Stayed connected to the GLZ Loss Prevention unit to make sure we were consistant in our approach
  3. Sometimes teams lose their motivation to perform.  Describe a situation when you needed to motivate a team.  What was the outcome?
    Maintenance unit - Improved use of Tririga - new system which did not appear to have benefit for the techs.  Explored what the team needed compared to what Tririga could offer.  Bridged the gap with demonstration and setting expectation setting.
  4. Tell me about a time when you were put in charge of a group and had to develop the roles and responsibilities of the group.  How did you approach this?  What was the outcome?
    Rotable Stock - this was a virtual environment and did not have direct assignments.  Identified subject matter experts and presented them with focused questions for support of the overall project.  Resources were limited, leveraged the TRG group to test the overall findings.  Reviewed findings with project sponsor to ensure we were on goal.  Completed 1st phase of rotable stock docuementation by deadline for the entire enterprise.
  5. Give me an example of a time that you used one of your strengths to help another person or team succeed.  (What was the strength?  How did you apply it to the situation?  What was the result?)
    Development of the strategy map response - organization and business accumen knowledge.  I was assigned as a consultant but needed to take the lead initially and then transistioned to a supporting role
  6. Give me and example when you had to foster collaboration within a team to achieve a goal.  (What did you do and what was the outcome?)
    SharePoint for Area 3 -  tell story of can not do the project and then taking a mulligan the next day.  Built a relationship by being honest and working harding to understand the other point of view.
  7. Tell me about a time you worked on a team that had one or more less productive members.  (What did you do?  Why did you choose to do that?  How did it work out?
    Food service - coordinating activities of virtual leadership and handling multiple retirements.  Built a liason role with current manager.  Established what could happen remotely and what had to happen locally.  Filled in the gaps with a new role.
  8. Describe a time when you had to have team members with different work styles or ideas work together on a project.  (What, specifically, did you do to pull them together?  What was the outcome?)
    Founder's Day chair - food committee
  9. Describe a time you were able to provide a peer or highter-level management person with recognition for the work they performed.  (How did he/she react?)
    Randy Ash for his work on the budget.  Acknowledged in front of the group for his detailed presenation of the budget.  Work was very accurate and presneted professionally.  Randy was apprecative.
  10. Give me an example of a time were you had a disagreement with one of your peers.  How were you able to resolve it?
    ASTS supervisor moving his employees without working through the approved channels. 
  11. Give me an example of a time were you felt you did an outstanding job of sharing information with someone else which resulted in improved team performance.  (What made it an 'outstanding' situation?)
    Crisis management team - early morning briefings.  Messages are brief and to the point.  Anticipate the questions and consider the audience with the message
  12. Gaining the cooperation of others can be difficult.  Give a specific example of when you had to do that, and what challenges you faced.  (What was the outcome?  What was the long-term impact?)
    Purchasing new uniforms with Area 3 focus.  Problems with IRS guidelines
  13. Tell me a time when your team was faced with a difficult or unusual task.  (What did you do?  What was your role?  What steps did you take to complete the task?  What was the outcome?
    Ground fault - Fire Company lighting system
  14. Give me an example of when you worked cooperatively as a team member to accomplish an important goal.  What was the goal or objective?  What was your role in achieving this objective?  How did your role impact the team?
    Structure study - sharing resources of time and capacity
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