Results Oriented

  1. Give an example of a time when you held an employee accountable for results.
    Landscaping - we set the expectation of clean and green.  Irrigation heads are occasionally out of allignment due to mowing. 
  2. Tell about a time when your department or zone was not meeting established goals.  What did you do to redirect the department or zone so that the goals could be achieved?
    Cost savings program - progam had gone stale.  Worked with a group of supervisors to reestablish the objectives and refocus the efforts of the program.  We developed new definitions to capture the concept of fiscal responsibility rather than a strict budget related process.
  3. Describe what resources and actions that you took to meet a recent goal or initiative.
    Strategic plan - use of SharePoint survey and work with coworkers to establish new program
  4. Give a specific example of a situation where you had to track and measure activities and results.  How did you monitor your progess to ensure you were on goal to achieve the desired results?  (Did you use any type of tracking system?  If so, how did you determine the best tracking system to use?  What actions did you take to ensure that you reached the desired results?)
    Utility use - develop team to acheive the objective
  5. Tell me about a time when you engaged a group of people in order to reach a goal.  (What were some of the challenges you identified?  How did you work through them?  What was the end result?)
    TRG - technicians and supervisors alike to improve the Tririga metrics
  6. Tell me about a major project you recently finished.  Specifically, how did you set the goals and monitor your progress?  (What was the outcome?  If you could do it differently what would you change?)
    Rotable stock
  7. Tell me about a time you were given a goal by someone else that you believed would be impossible to attain.  (What did you do?  Was the goal obtained?  If not, why not?)
    security changes requested by LPS - requiring  vendors to check into north entrance
  8. Describe a situation when you had to get a job done in spite of an unforeseen problem.  (Why was the problem unforeseen?  Did you overcome it?  What was the outcome?  Would you be able to predict those circumstances the next time around?)
    Cafeteria operation - maintain operations without direct supervision - establish new position as food service liason
  9. Describe what resources and actions that you took to meet a recent goal or initiative.
    Rotable Stock
  10. Tell me about a time you had to overcome challenges to achieve a result.
    Project code tracking report / SharePoint - overcome the technology piece and the accpetance of tracking expenses.  Goal was established and then group was not asked but directed
  11. Tell me about a situation in which you had to involve others in order to overcome obstacles to achieve a result (complete a project, etc).
    TRG team - working with team to understand process and consistency
  12. Tell me about a time when your department was going through long-term changes or working on a long-term project.  (What did you do to remain focused on the results of that project?)
    Structure study - keep team organized and work with EPRs for development and individual goals
  13. Describe how you set goals for last year and how you measured your work.  (Did you achieve your goals?  If not, why not?)
    buiness plan for unit -
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