OZ the Great and Powerful

  1. cower (KOW-ur)  verb
    • to shrink away or crouch down, as in fear
    • example: Beth cowered when she saw the dog running toward her, but it was just chasing a squirrel.
  2. hologram (HOL-uh-gram) noun;
    • A three-dimensional picture made by a complex pattern of light
    • example: In the future, video game consoles may be able to project holograms right into your living room. Just imagine seeing a life-size, 3D character from a game sitting on your couch!
  3. horde (hord) noun;
    • A huge crowd of people or animals
    • example: Hordes of shoppers swarmed the stores on Black Friday.
  4. ingenuity (in-juh-NOO-ih-tee) noun;
    • Skill or cleverness in inventing, discovering, or planning
    • example: I admire Becka’s ingenuity. She’s always coming up with clever ideas.
  5. minion (MIN-yuhn) noun;
    • someone who obediently follows or serves a person in a position of power
    • example: “Be careful around Alison Collins,” warned Hannah. “If you make her mad, she’ll set her minions on you. Those girls worship the ground she walks on, and they’ll do anything she says!”
  6. prophecy (PRAHF-uh-see) noun;
    • A foretelling of the future; prediction
    • example: In many ancient religions, priests or priestesses were said to deliver information from the gods in the form of prophecies.
  7. tinker (TING-ker) noun;
    • 1. a person who travels around mending pots, pans, and other household
    • utensils; 2. someone skilled at a variety of minor mechanical work.
    • example 1: “We’ll have to ask the tinker to fix this pot next time he comes to our village,” said
    • William’s mother.
    • example 2: I’m not sure Grandpa can fix the car. He’s a tinker, not a professional mechanic.
  8. turret (TUR-it) noun;
    • round tower on a building, usually on a corner.
    • example: The castle we visited in Scotland had many turrets.
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