1. What is the purpose of thekeyboard controller?
    To read the grid of the keyboard do discover what is imputed.
  2. What is the bios and where is it located.
    The bios is the basic input output system. theis is where the most basic info is stored when the computer was first booted and is stored on the Rom chip on the MOBO
  3. What determines what should happen with you system when doing a task?
    The OS and the program
  4. What is the purpose of a N.I.C.?
    To download the updated info and and host connection to the internet.
  5. What is DC and AC?
    DC is direct current is power for the power supply and AC alternating current is fro the wall
  6. What is the 3 step process?
    Input, processing and output
  7. What is a FRU?
    This is field replacable unit which is basically spare parts that are in good working condition.
  8. When should you back up files?
    Files should be backed up anytime the hard drive is accessable. A dead HD can be recovered but costs more.
  9. what is the 6 step troubleshooting process?
    Identify the problem,establish a theory of probable cause, Test the theory to determine cause, Establish plan of action and implement, verify system functionality and document findings and outcomes.
  10. What are some multifunction ports?
    Serial ports, parallel ports
  11. What is the transfer rate of serial and parallel ports?
    Serial transfers data 1 bit at a time and parallel 1 byte at a time.
  12. how many bits =1 byte?
    8 bits = 1 byte a bit is the smallest unit of data.
  13. what is the max transfer rate for a serial port?
    115Kbps but the standard is 9600bps
  14. what are some exe of devices that use a serial connection?
    mice, external modems, label printers, PDA's and digital cameras. They come in 9 and 25 pin but 9 is more common.
  15. How does the cpu contact devices?
    through IRQ or I/O address. Each port has an address serial port 1 is (irq4) or Com1
  16. what are some exe of parallel ports?
    printers, zip drivesĀ  and scanners use parallel ports.
  17. what are the parallel printer ports called?

    What is the parallel port address?
    They are called centronics port rather then parallel iee1284b and 1284c mini centronics connector.

    It is I/O address 378 (lpt1)
  18. How are mice connected?
    they either have a seirial port or a 6pin nini din connector aka ps/2 port
  19. What are the types of video ports?
    There is Vga, Dvi and Display port
  20. What is VGA?
    Vga is the older style video graphic array which is an analog connector. Mostly used with Cathod Ray Tube monitors and some lcd with 15 pin D Sub (5pins each row)
  21. What is Dvi?
    Digital video interface which has 18 pins had different variations dvi-a/d, dvi-d or dvi-i(interchangable)

    or dual link which uses 24 pin connector
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