Chp 12 MT

  1. a-, an-
    prefix: not/lack of
  2. anorexia
    condition of loss of appetite
  3. asymptomatic
    without symptoms
  4. atagonistic
    works against/ in opposition
  5. ante
    prefix: in front/before
  6. antefebrile
    before fever
  7. anteflexion
    bending forward
  8. antemortem
    before death
  9. antepartum
    before birth (referring to the mom)
  10. bi
    prefix: two/both
  11. bicellular
    consisting of two cells
  12. bipolar
    two poles, mental disorder manic/depressive
  13. bisexual
    sexually attracted to male and females
  14. cachexia
    wasting away of the body
  15. bulimia
    eating disorder of purging after eating
  16. con
    prefix: with
  17. congenital
    pertaining to born with
  18. consanguinity
    quality of blood relationship
  19. dis
    prefix: undo/take part
  20. disinfect
    to rid of infectious agents
  21. dissect
    to cut apart
  22. disassociate
    to split up, may be personality splits
  23. ex
    prefix: out
  24. exhale        expiration
    breathe out        breathing out
  25. excise
    cut out
  26. hemi
    prefix: half
  27. hemianesthesia
    anesthesia blocking sensation in half the body
  28. hemicardia
    half of a heart
  29. hemiplegia
    paralysis on one side of the body
  30. incompetency
    not competent
  31. incontinence
    unable to control urination/defecation
  32. incubation
    original growth time
  33. infested
    organism living within another organism
  34. infiltration
    penetration of a solution into tissues
  35. infusion
    introduction of a substance into a vein (IV)
  36. injection
    introduction of a substance through a needle
  37. insomnia
    unable to sleep
  38. instillation
    put in by drops
  39. semi
    prefix: half partially
  40. semicomatose
    partially in a coma
  41. semiconscious
    partially conscious
  42. semiprivate
    half private (two to a room)
  43. triceps
    prefix: 3
  44. trifucation
    three-bellied muscle (posterior upper arm)
  45. unicellular
    made of one cell
  46. unilateral
    one sided
  47. uninuclear
    having one nucleus
  48. -pnea
    suffix: breathing
  49. apnea
    not breathing
  50. dyspnea
    difficult/painful breathing
  51. orthopnea
    breathing well only when sitting upright
  52. bradypnea
    abnormally slow breathing
  53. intra-abdominal
    within the abdomen
  54. intra-aortic
    withing the aorta
  55. intra-arterial
    within an artery
  56. intrathoracic
    within the chest (thorax)
  57. intravenous
    within a vein
  58. mal
    prefix: bad
  59. malaise
    feeling bad, general poor feeling
  60. malformation
    poorly formed, deformed
  61. malnutrition
    poor nutrition, missing nutrients
  62. morbidity
    quality of illness/disease
  63. mortatlity
    quality of death
  64. postcibal
    following a meal (breakfast)
  65. postcoital
    after intercourse (coitus)
  66. postfebrile
    after a fever
  67. postmortem
    after death
  68. postnatal
    after birth (referring to baby)
  69. pre
    prefix: before/ in front
  70. prefrontal
    in front of frontal bone/ lobe of the brain
  71. preoperative
    before surgery
  72. prescribe
    write an oder before treatmeant
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