MIS Test #3 Ch 7 Part 2

  1. knowledge engineer
    A person who has training or experience in the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of an expert system.
  2. knowledge user
    The person or group who uses and benefits from the expert system.
  3. learning systems
    A combination of software and hardware that allows the computer to change how it functions or reacts to situations based on feedback it receives.
  4. multimedia
    Text, graphics, video, animation, audio, and other media that can be used to help an organization efficiently and effectively achieve its goals.
  5. natural language processing
    Processing that allows the computer to understand and react to statements and commands made in a “natural” language, such as English.
  6. neural network
    A computer system that can act like or simulate the functioning of a human brain.
  7. perceptive system
    A system that approximates the way a person sees, hears, and feels objects.
  8. robotics
    The development of mechanical or computer devices that perform tasks requiring a high degree of precision or that are tedious or  hazardous for humans.
  9. rule
    A conditional statement that links conditions to actions or outcomes.
  10. virtual reality system
    A system that enables one or more users to move and react in a computer-simulated environment.
  11. vision systems
    The hardware and software that permit computers to capture, store, and manipulate visual images.
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MIS Test #3 Ch 7 Part 2
MIS Test #3 Ch 7 Part 2