MIS Test #3 Ch 6 Part 4

  1. model management software (MMS)
    Software that coordinates the use of models in a DSS.
  2. monitoring stage
    The final stage of the problem-solving process, in which decision makers evaluate the implementation.
  3. nominal group technique
    A decision-making approach that encourages feedback from individual group members, and the final decision is made by voting, similar to the way public officials are elected.
  4. nonprogrammed decision
    A decision that deals with unusual or exceptional situations.
  5. optimization model
    A process to find the best solution, usually the one that will best help the organization meet its goals.
  6. problem solving
    A process that goes beyond decision making to include the implementation stage.
  7. profit center
    A department within an organization that focuses on generating profits.
  8. programmed decision
    A decision made using a rule, procedure, or quantitative method.
  9. quality control
    A process that ensures that the finished product meets the customers’ needs.
  10. reorder point (ROP)
    A critical inventory quantity level that calls for more inventory to be ordered for an item when the inventory level drops to the reorder point or critical level.
  11. revenue center
    A division within a company that generates sales or revenues.
  12. satisficing model
    A model that will find a good—but not necessarily the best—solution to a problem.
  13. scheduled report
    A report produced periodically, such as daily, weekly, or monthly.
  14. semistructured or unstructured problems
    More complex problems in which the relationships among the pieces of data are not always clear, the data might be in a variety of formats, and the data is often difficult to manipulate or obtain.
  15. strategic planning
    Determining long-term objectives by analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the organization, predicting future trends, and projecting the development of new product lines.
  16. virtual workgroups
    Teams of people located around the world working on common problems.
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MIS Test #3 Ch 6 Part 4
MIS Test #3 Ch 6 Part 4