MIS Test #3 Ch 6 Part 3

  1. heuristics
    “Rules of thumb,” or commonly accepted guidelines or procedures that usually find a good solution.
  2. highly structured problems
    Problems that are straightforward and require known facts and relationships.
  3. human resource MIS (HRMIS)
    An information system that is concerned with activities related to employees and potential employees of an organization, also called a personnel MIS.
  4. implementation stage
    A stage of problem solving in which a solution is put into effect.
  5. institutional DSS
    A DSS that handles situations or decisions that occur more than once, usually several times per year or more. An institutional DSS is used repeatedly and refined over the years.
  6. intelligence stage
    The first stage of decision making, in which you identify and define potential problems or opportunities.
  7. internal auditing
    Auditing performed by individuals within the organization.
  8. just-in-time (JIT) inventory
    An inventory management approach in which inventory and materials are delivered just before they are used in manufacturing a product.
  9. key-indicator report
    A summary of the previous day’s critical activities, typically available at the beginning of each workday.
  10. marketing MIS
    An information system that supports managerial activities in product development, distribution, pricing decisions, promotional effectiveness, and sales forecasting.
  11. material requirements planning (MRP)
    A set of inventory-control techniques that help coordinate thousands of inventory items when the demand of one item is dependent on the demand for another.
  12. model base
    Part of a DSS that allows managers and decision makers to perform quantitative analysis on both internal and external data.
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MIS Test #3 Ch 6 Part 3
MIS Test #3 Ch 6 Part 3