Theology Chapter 14

  1. Catholics celebrate their faith in the Resurrection of Christ during the Funeral Mass
  2. In the Gospel Acclamation at mass, catholics pray, "we procliam your death o lord, and profess your resurrection until you come again."
    False the Memorial Acclamation
  3. Particular, or Individual Judgment happens at the moment of a persons death.
  4. In the parable of the The judgement of Nations, jesus uses images of sheep and goats
  5. Purgatory is a place of punishment for sins the faithful have not confessed.
  6. The choice for an eternal life of Hell is consistent with how one lives in this word.
  7. St.Paul regularly addressed the Christians to whom he was writing to as "saints"
  8. When you visit a Polish Catholic household you are likely to see an altarcito
    False Spanish Household
  9. Catholics pray to the saints because they believe God will listen to the saints before he will listen to us.
    False We ask the saints to pray for us not pray to them
  10. St.Paul's Second Letter to Timothy states,"If we have died in Christ, we will also live with him."
  11. Hindus believe that after a person has died he/she will be
  12. In the parable of________ jesus teaches that the way we live our life on earth has consequences for our life after death.
    Rich Man and Lazarus
  13. The second coming of Christ is called
  14. the church uses the term_________ to describe eternal happiness with God.
    Beatific vision
  15. Jesus used many images for heaven, a favorite being _________.
    A wedding feast
  16. In the Apostles' Creed Christians profess that the risen Jesus will come again to
    Judge the living and the dead.
  17. The term__________ refers to the spiritual union of all the members of the church, living and dead.
    Communion of Saints
  18. Name the saints that lived in America
    • Elizabeth Ann Seton
    • Martin de Porres
    • Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatizin
    • Katharine Drexel
    • Kateri Tekakwitha
  19. ________ described heaven as the ultimate end and fulfillment of the deepest human longings
  20. Catholics in Mexico celebrate Dia de los Muetos on
    November 1 and 2
  21. Jesus public ministry was how long
    2-3 years
  22. How many times did Jesus go to Jerusalem in the Bible.
    • Matt,Mark-1time
    • Luke-2 times
    • John-3 times
  23. Jewish historian contemporary with the Evangelists
  24. Greek word lestai
    should not be translated as Theives, rather
  25. why was Jesus executed
    for political insurrection, not blasphemy. Crucifiction was a Roman not Jewish method of execution.
  26. Who was crucifixion for?
    It was for political insurrectionists, those who were a threat to the state
  27. Jesus was arrested as a lestes, which is
    a marauding bandit or revolutionary
  28. Those who aresst Jesus bring wepons because the see him as
    a band of violent revolutionaries
  29. Barabbas was a
  30. Jesus was crucified between two
  31. Jesus' cleansing of the temple occurs on two levels
    • What Jesus really did
    • What Mark made sense of what Jesus did.
  32. Mark has Jesus charge that the temple was to be
    a house of prayer of all peoples, but was made into a hideout of insurrectionists.
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