alt mental exam 2 eating disorders. vocab.

  1. those with anoraxia have elevated carotene levels. what does this look like?
    yellow skin
  2. what is the avg onset for bulimia in women?
  3. how many % of bulimia clients are male?
  4. how do bulimic men get rid of their calories?
  5. what is eating d/o NOS?
    d/o that don't meet criteria of anorexia or bulimia. (female with s/s of anorexia except amenorrhea).
  6. what is russel's sign?
    callous on hands. (vomit)
  7. what does the sx of peri edema mean in a bulimic pt?
    rebound fluid. diuretic?
  8. what meds can you give for bulimia?
    • antidepressant (prozac)
    • AP (zyprexa)
  9. why do you have to slowly feed the pt back to health?
    refeeding syndrome - circulatory collapse when cardiac system is compromised bc overwhemled vascular system is replenished.
  10. waxy flexibility
    nurse raises pt's arm, arm stays there. usually seen in catanonia.
  11. catatonia.
    increase or decreased rate in movement. most common is person doesn't move at all.
  12. echopraxia
    mimicry or imitation of another person.
  13. echolalia
    repeating of the last words of another. mimic speech.
  14. depersonilization
    "out of body". seeing yourself from a distance .one is in a dream.
  15. thought withdrawal r/t schizo
    thoughts have been taken by some outside agency.
  16. thought blocking
    speech inturrupted by silence breaks.
  17. anosognosia
    can't recognize deficits d/t illness
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alt mental exam 2 eating disorders. vocab.
alt mental exam 2 eating disorders.