alt mental exam 2 personality d/o

  1. what is Schizoid and what category is it?
    emotional detachment, no like close relationships. uncooperative. Cluster A.
  2. what is schizotypical and what cluster?
    person has odd beliefs. magical thinking. cluster A
  3. what is antisocial and what cluster?
    disregard for others. unlawful. exploit. don't wanna accept personal responsibility. cluster B.
  4. what is borderline personality and what cluster?
    instable affect. fear of abandonment. (emotional). cluster B.
  5. what is histrionic personality and what cluster?
    emotional attention seeking. center of attention. flirt. cluster B.
  6. narcissistic. cluster?
    arrogance. self. lack of empathy for others. sensitive to criticism. cluster B.
  7. avoidant. cluster?
    no close relationships. no contant. wants relationship, but fear rejection. cluster C.
  8. dependant. cluster?
    dependent on relationship. looks to replace when one ends. cluster C.
  9. OCD. cluster?
    perfectionsim. cluster C.
  10. What are the three clusters? (A, B, C).
    • A - odd, eccentric traits
    • B - dramatic, emotional
    • C - anxious, fearful.
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alt mental exam 2 personality d/o
alt mental exam 2 personality d/o