1. agglomerate  [əglɑ:məreɪt]
    These small particles agglomerate together to form larger clusters.

    They agglomerated many small pieces of research into a single large study.

    An (agglomerate/accumulate) flower head is more effective to draw many bees that can help pollination.
  2. agglomeration  [əglɑ:məreɪʃn]
    The country is an agglomeration of different ethnic and religious groupings.
  3. conglomeration  [kən|glɑ:mə|reɪʃn]
    She imagined herself lost in a great conglomeration of ugly concrete buildings.
  4. conglomerate [kən|glɑ:mərət]
    Ssangyong creditors have signed a memo of understanding with the Chinese chemicals conglomerate.

    The population of Seattle is a conglomerate of people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

    v .덩어리지다
  5. Aggrandize [əɡrǽndaiz,ǽɡrəndàiz]
    1. Calling himself a political prisoner is merely an attempt to aggrandize and legitimize his actions.

    I aggrandize my imagination by watching science fiction movie.

    2. The fact is, though, that virtually every policy will have tragic anecdotes to condemn or aggrandize it.
  6. legitimize [lɪ|dƷɪtəmaɪz]
    The movie has been criticized for apparently legitimizing violence.
  7. anecdote [|ӕnɪkdoʊt] 
    amusing anecdotes about his brief career as an actor
  8. aggravate [|ӕgrəveɪt]
    • 1. If the people I live with smoke, will it aggravate my condition?
    • 2. She finds the behavior insulting and aggravating.
  9. blend
    Blend well, add food coloring and vanilla.
  10. gregarious [grɪ|geriəs]
    In person, he tends to be gregarious and kind of funny.
  11. solitude
    Bad health and fear of crime can turn freedom into frightening solitude.
  12. aggrieve [əɡrí:v]
    What aggrieves the families most is that the courts are not totting up the multiple offences

    He doesn't mind paying a weekly sum but it aggrieves him that he is not allowed to see her.
  13. offence [ə|fens] 
    1. 위법[범법] 행위, 범죄 a criminal/serious/minor/sexual, etc. offence 형사상 범죄/중대한 범법 행위[범죄]/사소한 위법 행위/성범죄 등
  14. tot something up
    1. ~을 합하다
  15. afflict [ə|flɪkt]
    There are two main problems which afflict people with hearing impairments.

    About 40% of the country's population is afflicted with the disease.

    There are many problems that afflict students.
  16. impairment [ɪm|permənt] 영국식 [ɪm|peəmənt]
    [명사] (전문 용어) (신체적・정신적) 장애
  17. embezzler 미국·영국 [imbézlər,em-]
    [명사] <위탁금 등을> 써버리는 사람, 횡령[착복]자
  18. a convicted murderer
    유죄 판결을 받은 살인범
  19. employee 미국·영국 [ɪm|plɔɪi:]
    The firm has over 500 employees.
  20. employer
    We had much conflict between our employer and the employees last year.
  21. inflict 미국·영국 [ɪn|flɪkt]
    They surveyed the damage inflicted by the storm.

    Only cruel people like to inflict corporal suffering on others.
  22. corporal [kɔːrpərəl]
    1. 신체[육체]의
  23. candor 미국·영국 [kǽndər]
     공평무사, 허심 탄회; 솔직, 정직
  24. self-assertive (←self assertiveness)
    • [형용사] 자신만만한, 자기주장이 강한
    • [명사] 중뿔나게 나섬, 주제넘음.
  25. exalt 미국·영국 [ɪg|zɔ:lt]
    Reading poems can sometimes exalt his spirits
  26. standing
    the high/low standing of politicians with the public
  27. disclosure 미국식 [dɪs|kloʊƷə(r)]
    (사회복지학) 자기폭로
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