AGRY 585 Week 11

  1. How does a septic system work
    • Two Stages of treatment:
    • Anaerobic in tank for two days
    • Aerobic in soil for at least two feet
  2. Perceptions of Septic
    • A temporary solution
    • Out of sight-out of mind
    • But important for decentralized systems
  3. Important Aspects Required for Success of Septic
    • Soil Condition identified
    • Design to fit the soil on site
    • Installation under suitable conditions and according to design
    • Maintenance (Homeowner)
  4. Septic Problems:
    High Water Table
    Overhead Water
    Limiting layers
    • Tile drains perimeter drains
    • diversion terrace/ curtain drain
    • Mound system, drip distribution, larger field pressure does, sand filters, wet lands
  5. Extend life of system
    • Use less water
    • Don't use disposal as much
    • use less chemicals
    • Bacteria Additives don't work
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