Microsoft Bing Advertising

  1. Bing Ads Main Line Shows where & positions how many?
    At the top & middle position (1-4)
  2. Bing Ads Side Bars Shows where & positions how many?
    On the right and positions (5-12)
  3. Does Organic and Aphoristic Ads Cost or are they free?
  4. You direct customers to their webmaster or tech support for what?
    For their SEO-Tool Kit
  5. SEO - Tool Kit stands for?
    • Search
    • Engine
    • Optimation
  6. What are the 1st results of Organic Ads?
    Best Matches
  7. What are Deep Links?
    Links that come directly from the website listed on the ad on the mainline.
  8. What is Bing Local Listing?
    Bing's Directory Assistance
  9. List the 4 parts of a Bing Advertisement!
    • 1. Ad Title
    • 2. Ad Text
    • 3. Display URL
    • 4. Destination URL
  10. When does an Advertiser pay?
    Each time some one navigates and clicks on the ad, which is Pay per click.
  11. What is Bing Ads Account Structure?
    CACA & A/K
    • CACA A/K
    • Customer
    • Account
    • Campaign
    • Ad Groups
    •      Ads & Keywords
  12. What are the 3 Service Levels (shell Types)?
    Think Gas Station
    • 1. Self Service
    • 2. Self Serve Plus
    • 3. Premiums
  13. What are the 4 Character Limits?
    • Ad Title - 25 max
    • Ad Text - 71 max
    • Display URL - 35 max
    • Destination URL - 1024 max
  14. What is an impression?
    When an Ad is shown, it's called an impression.
  15. State Bing Ads Account Structure Summary
    Customer (the advertiser) is at the top of the Bing Ads, Structures all advertising. is where to sign in
  16. When an Bing Ad is shown, what is it called?
    An impression
  17. Where can you get Advertising Metric terminology?
    By searching for it online.
  18. What is CTR? & How is it Calculated?
    • Click Through Rate  &     Clicks    
    •                                Impression
  19. What is Incremental Biding?
    Increasing the base bid by a certain percentage to the users that meet certain criteria so that the Ad will show in a better position.
  20. List 3 different types of extensions.
    • Location
    • Call
    • Site line
  21. When increasing the base bid by a certain percentage to the users that meet certain criteria so that the Ad will show in a better position means what?
    Incremental Bidding
  22. List the L2 Super Users....
    • - Bradley Frost
    • - Billy Szymanski
  23. What are the steps to creating a Bing Ads Account?
    • 1. Navigate to the Bing Ads up now page
    • 2. Complete the General Information.
  24. What is the difference between the Display URL & the Destination URL?
    • Display URL - is the Display in an AD
    • Destination URL - is the Actual page you are taking to.
  25. What happens when the budge runs out?
    It goes on a Budget pause.
  26. List 5 Targeting Options
    • 1. Location
    • 2. Day of the week
    • 3. Time of the Day
    • 4. Demographic
    • 5. Device
  27. What is a budget pause?
    This is what happens with a budget runs out!
  28. What can impact the user search results?
    Preferences on the account.
  29. What does the preferences do for each user Bing account?
    Controls the language and location.
  30. What information is needed to verify advertiser accounts?
    • Company Name & Account Number
    • Secret question & Answer
    • Last 4 of Credit Card Number
    • Email Address
    • Last 3 months of Billing
  31. What is the GCS?
    It's the learning portal for Microsoft Bing (Alorica) Employers
  32. What is the Average CRM?
    Cost Per Thousand Clicks for the Keyword
  33. State An Example for Each Match type:
    Exact -
    Phrase -
    Broad -
    • Exact - Car Insurance
    • Phrase - Local car insurance
    • Broad - Student insurance for hybrid car
  34. What are 3 Match Types?
    Exact, Phrase, & Broad
  35. Which Match type may result in few impressions because of the hight click through rate?
  36. What are the 2 Ad Types?
    • Dynamic (2)
    • Static (1)
  37. What is a Phase Dynamic Text?
    Acts as a place holder in an ad: let it be the ad title of the ad text.
  38. What is a Dynamic Text made of?
    • 1. Key word: Extracts keywords
    • 2. Destination URL: Send search to specific webpage.
    • 3. Placeholders: Used when having key word mispelled or to change title.

    Default Text: Inserted into the ad copy when the keyword inserted exceds the character limit.
  39. 4 steps of setting up conversion tacking.
    • 1. Define
    • 2. Enable
    • 3. Create
    • 4. Add
  40. What are the 6 High Risk Area of Editorial?
    • (PigPan)
    • Pharma
    • Intellectual property
    • Gambling
    • Politics / Religion
    • Adult
    • Weapons
  41. 3 levels of Editorial Review
    •                         ARP        
    • Low:         Automated
    • Medium:    Reactive
    • High:         Proactive
  42. How many times of credit card declining does it take for Bing to close and advertiser Account?
    11 X's Consecutive
  43. How many account can be billed to 1 account?
  44. What does UPM stand for?
    Unified Penalty Management
  45. What is QBR?
    Quality Based Ranking
  46. What is PMA Stand for?
    Pending Manual Approval
  47. What does CSAT stand for?
    Customer Satisfaction Survey
  48. How is the CSAT measured?
    Asat Osat & Resolve
  49. CPC Stands for?
    Cost Per Click
  50. CPA means?
    • To measure return on investment for an online advertising program.
    • Cost Per Acquisition
  51. ROI means?
    • The measure of how much profit an online advertiser makes for  investment
    • Return on Investment
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