Ch 10 Genetics

  1. Explain how DNA genes and chromosomes are related
    DNA is the basic building block of genes specific segments of DNA form a gene and many genes form and chromosome
  2. What is the Human Genome Project?
    An international effort to map all genes contained in the 46 human chromosomes.
  3. Autosomal recessive
    • A child must receive a copy of autosomal recessive gene from BOTH parents, no sex difference
    • 25% chance each pregnancy
  4. Autosomal dominant
    • Child may receive a copy of autosomal dominant gene from either parent, no sex difference
    • 50% chance each pregnancy
  5. X-linked recessive
    • Females are carries, child receives abnormal gene from mother
    • Males are affected because they do not have a compensating normal X chromosome
    • Affected fathers will pass on abnormal genes to their daughters who become carries but not to their son.
  6. T/F:  Sickle cell disease follows an autosomal recessive pattern of development
  7. T/F:  Type O blood follows an autosomal dominant pattern of development
  8. T/F:  All sons of a father with hemophilia will inherit the disease
  9. T/F: Turner syndrome is an example of a numerical abnormality
  10. T/F:  Fragile X syndrome is the most common form of female intellectual disability.
  11. Describe two characteristics typical of multifactorial birth defects
    • Present and detectable at birth
    • Single isolated defects
    • Cleft lip,  neural tube defect, HTN
  12. What factors influence the risk for the occurrence of a multifactorial disorder?
    • Number of affected close relatives
    • Severity of disorder in other family members
    • Sex of affected person
    • Geographic location
    • Season of year
  13. When should a rubella immunization be administered to a woman of childbearing age?
    At least 4 weeks before conceiving
  14. In rx'ing drugs for pregnant women what must he NP balance?
    • The woman's need for the therapeutic effects of the drug
    • How the drug will affect the fetus
  15. When a preg woman requires an urgent xray study, her lower abdomen is:
    Protected by a lead apron
  16. Why should pregnant women avoid saunas and hot tubs?
    Maternal hyperthermia is a teratogen.
  17. Genetic counseling focuses on the entire __
  18. Genetic counseling is considered __ because the counselor does not tell thepatient what decision to make.
    Non directive
  19. The nurse notes this info on the chromosomal study of an infant with a birth defect: 46, XY.  This means that the infant has:
    A normal male chromosome analysis
  20. The nurse should expect a preg African American woman to be offered genetic testing for which disorder?
    Sickle cell
  21. Parents of a child with an abnormal autosomal recessive disorder want to know whether the problem is likely to recur if they have another child the nurse knows that:
    Each pregnancy has a 1 in 4 (25%) change of resulting in another affected child
  22. A woman is 5 weeks pregnant and asks the nurse whether she can take a specific medication to relieve her cold symptoms the nurse's answer is based primarily on:
    The pregnancy category of the drug
  23. A pedi nurse is caring for an infant girl with hemophilia A the nurse realizes that:
    The mother is a carrier and the father has hemophilia.
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