Program Design

  1. One complete movement of a single exercise
    repetition or "rep"
  2. A group of consecutive repetitions
  3. An individual's level of effort, compared with their maximal effort, which is usually expressed as a percentage
    Training intensity
  4. The speed with which each repetition is performed
    Repetition tempo or tempo
  5. The time taken to recuperate between sets
    Rest Interval
  6. Amount of physical training performed within a specified period
    Training Volume
  7. The number of training sessions performed during a specified period (usually 1 week)
    Training frequency
  8. the time frame of a workout or the length of time spent in one phase of training
    Training Duration
  9. the process of choosing appropriate exercises for a client's program
    Exercise selection
  10. The specific outline created by a fitness professional to meet a client's goals.  It details the form of training, length of time, future changes,a specific exercises to be preformed
    Training Plan
  11. Generalized training plan that spns 1 year to show when the client will progress between phases
    Annual Plan
  12. Generalized training plan that spans 1 month and shows which phases will be required each day of each week
    Monthly plan
  13. Training plan of specific workouts that span 1 week and show which exercises are required each day of the week
    Weekly plan
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