04.03. PAP Definitions Section

  1. PAP Definitions
    • Personal lines: at the beginning of the policy, since insured aren't knowledgeable
    • Commercial lines: at the end
    • defined terms are "quoted" through the policy
  2. Most common PAP definitions
    • You and your: includes spouse, provided lives at same address
    • Leased vehicles: insured if leased for at least 6 continuous months
    • Business: trade, profession or occupation
    • Family member: related by blood, marriage or adoption and lives in the same household
    • Occupying: in, upon, getting in, on, out, or off
    • Trailer: designed to be pulled by a PPV, pickup, or van, and farm wagon
  3. PAP definitions - Your covered auto
    • any vehicle shown in declarations
    • newly acquired auto (liability and PD coverage defined separately)
    • any owned trailer
    • temporary substitute auto or trailer for vehicle/trailer out of normal use (breakdown, repair, servicing, loss or destruction)
  4. PAP definitions - Newly acquired auto
    • pickup or van should be less than 10,000 pounds and not used to transport goods and services except installing, maintaining, furnishing equipment or farming
    • receive broadest coverage of all insured autos (except part D)
    • new auto is covered for 14 days, replacement auto covered for the rest of the policy period
    • PD coverage: automatic coverage for 14 days if carried before on at least one vehicle; if didn't carry, auto coverage for 4 days with $500 deductible
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04.03. PAP Definitions Section
PAP Definitions Section