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  1. abandon
    The area had effectively been abandoned by the authorities
    This process abandons the old idea that it is necessary to start with
    Forced to abandon the selection policy
    Thus  the government abandoned its earlier proposal to transfer
    • Abandonar
    • abandoned, abandoning, abandonment, abandons, e.g.
  2. abstract
    abstraction, abstractions, abstractly, abstracts, e.g.
  3. academy
    academia, academic, academically, academics, academies, e.g.
  4. access
    accessed, accesses, accessibility, accessible, accessing, inaccessible
  5. accommodate
    accommodated, accommodates, accommodating, accommodation
  6. accompany
    accompanied, accompanies, accompaniment, accompanying, unaccompanied
  7. accumulate
    accumulated, accumulating, accumulation, accumulates
  8. accurate
    accuracy, accurately, inaccuracy, inaccuracies, inaccurate
  9. achieve
    achievable, achieved, achievement, achievements, achieves, achieving
  10. acknowledge
    acknowledged, acknowledges, acknowledging, acknowledgement, acknowledgements
  11. acquire
    acquired, acquires, acquiring, acquisition, acquisitions
  12. adapt
    adaptability, adaptable, adaptation, adaptations, adapted, adapting, adaptive, adapts
  13. adequate
    adequacy, adequately, inadequacies, inadequacy, inadequate, inadequately
  14. adjacent
  15. adjust
    adjusted, adjusting, adjustment, adjustments, adjusts, readjust, readjusted, readjusting, readjustment, readjustments, readjusts
  16. administrate
    administrates, administration, administrations, administrative, administratively, administrator, administrators
  17. adult
    adulthood, adults
  18. advocate
    advocacy, advocated, advocates, advocating
  19. affect
    affected, affecting, affective, affectively, affects, unaffected
  20. aggregate
    aggregated, aggregates, aggregating, aggregation
  21. aid
    aided, aiding, aids, unaided
  22. albeit
  23. allocate
    allocated, allocates, allocating, allocation, allocations
  24. alter
    alterable, alteration, alterations, altered, altering, alternate, alternating, alters, unalterable, unaltered
  25. alternative
    alternatively, alternatives
  26. ambiguous
    ambiguities, ambiguity, unambiguous, unambiguously
  27. amend
    amended, amending, amendment, amendments, amends
  28. analogy
    analogies, analogous
  29. analyse
    analysed, analyser, analysers, analyses, analysing, analysis, analyst, analysts, analytic, analytical, analytically
  30. annual annually
  31. anticipate
    anticipated, anticipates, anticipating, anticipation, unanticipated
  32. apparent apparently
  33. append
    appendix, appended, appends, appending, appendices, appendixes
  34. appreciate
    appreciable, appreciably, appreciated, appreciates, appreciating, appreciation, unappreciated
  35. approach
    approachable, approached, approaches, approaching, unapproachable
  36. appropriate
    appropriacy, appropriately, appropriateness, inappropriacy, inappropriate, inappropriately
  37. approximate
    approximated, approximately, approximates, approximating, approximation, approximations
  38. arbitrary
    arbitrariness, arbitrarily
  39. area areas
  40. aspect aspects
  41. assemble
    assembled, assembles, assemblies, assembling, assembly
  42. assess
    assessable, assessed, assesses, assessing, assessment, assessments, reassess, reassessed, reassessing, reassessment, unassessed
  43. assign
    assigned, assigning, assignment, assignments, assigns, reassign, reassigned, reassigning, reassigns, unassigned
  44. assist
    assistance, assistant, assistants, assisted, assisting, assists, unassisted
  45. assume
    assumed, assumes, assuming, assumption, assumptions
  46. assure
    assurance, assurances, assured, assuredly, assures, assuring
  47. attach
    attached, attaches, attaching, attachment, attachments, unattached
  48. attain
    attainable, attained, attaining, attainment, attainments, attains, unattainable
  49. attitude attitudes
  50. attribute
    attributable, attributed, attributes, attributing, attribution
  51. author
    authored, authoring, authors, authorship
  52. authority
    authoritative, authorities
  53. automate
    automatic, automated, automates, automating, automatically, automation
  54. available
    availability, unavailable
  55. aware
    awareness, unaware
  56. behalf
  57. benefit
    beneficial, beneficiary, beneficiaries, benefited, benefiting, benefits
  58. bias
    biased, biases, biasing, unbiased
  59. bond
    bonded, bonding, bonds
  60. brief
    brevity, briefed, briefing, briefly, briefs
  61. bulk bulky
  62. capable
    capabilities, capability, incapable
  63. capacity
    capacities, incapacitate, incapacitated
  64. category
    categories, categorisation, categorise, categorised, categorises, categorising, categorizing
  65. cease
    ceased, ceaseless, ceases, ceasing
  66. challenge
    challenged, challenger, challengers, challenges, challenging
  67. channel
    channelled, channelling, channels
  68. chapter chapters
  69. chart
    charted, charting, charts, uncharted
  70. chemical
    chemically, chemicals
  71. circumstance circumstances
  72. cite
    citation, citations, cited, citing, cites
  73. civil
  74. clarify
    clarification, clarified, clarifies, clarifying, clarity
  75. classic
    classical, classics
  76. clause clauses
  77. code
    coded, codes, coding
  78. coherent
    coherence, coherently, incoherent, incoherently
  79. coincide
    coincided, coincides, coinciding, coincidence, coincidences, coincident, coincidental
  80. collapse
    collapsed, collapses, collapsible, collapsing
  81. colleague colleagues
  82. commence
    commenced, commences, commencement, commencing, recommences, recommenced, recommencing
  83. comment
    commentaries, commentary, commentator, commentators, commented, commenting, comments
  84. commission
    commissioned, commissioner, commissioners, commissioning, commissions
  85. commit
    commitment, commitments, commits, committed, committing
  86. commodity commodities
  87. communicate
    communicable, communicated, communicates, communicating, communication, communications, communicative, communicatively, uncommunicative
  88. community communities
  89. compatible
    compatibility, incompatibility, incompatible
  90. compensate
    compensated, compensates, compensating, compensation, compensations, compensatory
  91. compile
    compilation, compilations, compiled, compiles, compiling
  92. complement
    complementary, complemented, complementing, complements
  93. complex
    complexities, complexity
  94. component
    componentry, components
  95. compound
    compounded, compounding, compounds
  96. comprehensive comprehensively
  97. comprise
    comprised, comprises, comprising
  98. compute
    computation, computational, computations, computable, computer, computed, computerised, computers, computing
  99. conceive
    conceivable, conceivably, conceived, conceives, conceiving, inconceivable, inconceivably
  100. concentrate
    concentrated, concentrates, concentrating, concentration
  101. concept
    conception, concepts, conceptual, conceptualisation, conceptualise, conceptualised, conceptualises, conceptualising, conceptually
  102. conclude
    concluded, concludes, concluding, conclusion, conclusions, conclusive, conclusively, inconclusive, inconclusively
  103. concurrent concurrently
  104. conduct
    conducted, conducting, conducts
  105. confer
    conference, conferences, conferred, conferring, confers
  106. confine
    confined, confines, confining, unconfined
  107. confirm
    confirmation, confirmed, confirming, confirms
  108. conflict
    conflicted, conflicting, conflicts
  109. conform
    conformable, conformability, conformance, conformation, conformed, conforming, conformist, conformists, conformity, conforms, nonconformist, nonconformists, nonconformity, non-conformist, non-conformists, non-conformity
  110. consent
    consensus, consented, consenting, consents
  111. consequent
    consequence, consequences, consequently
  112. considerable considerably
  113. consist
    consisted, consistency, consistent, consistently, consisting, consists, inconsistencies, inconsistency, inconsistent
  114. constant
    constancy, constantly, constants, inconstancy, inconstantly
  115. constitute
    constituencies, constituency, constituent, constituents, constituted, constitutes, constituting, constitution, constitutions, constitutional, constitutionally, constitutive, unconstitutional
  116. constrain
    constrained, constraining, constrains, constraint, constraints, unconstrained
  117. construct
    constructed, constructing, construction, constructions, constructive, constructs, reconstruct, reconstructed, reconstructing, reconstruction, reconstructs
  118. consult
    consultancy, consultant, consultants, consultation, consultations, consultative, consulted, consults, consulting
  119. consume
    consumed, consumer, consumers, consumes, consuming, consumption
  120. contact
    contactable, contacted, contacting, contacts
  121. contemporary contemporaries
  122. context
    contexts, contextual, contextualise, contextualised, contextualising, uncontextualised
  123. contract
    contracted, contracting, contractor, contractors, contracts
  124. contradict
    contradicted, contradicting, contradiction, contradictions, contradictory, contradicts
  125. contrary contrarily
  126. contrast
    contrasted, contrasting, contrastive, contrasts
  127. contribute
    contributed, contributes, contributing, contribution, contributions, contributor, contributors
  128. controversy
    controversies, controversial, controversially, uncontroversial
  129. convene
    convention, convenes, convened, convening, conventional, conventionally, conventions, unconventional
  130. converse conversely
  131. convert
    conversion, conversions, converted, convertible, converting, converts
  132. convince
    convinced, convinces, convincing, convincingly, unconvinced
  133. cooperate
    cooperated, cooperates, cooperating, cooperation, cooperative, cooperatively, co-operate, co-operated, co-operates, co-operation, co-operative, co-operatively
  134. coordinate
    coordinated, coordinates, coordinating, coordination, coordinator, coordinators, co-ordinate, co-ordinated, co-ordinates, co-ordinating, co-ordination, co-ordinator, co-ordinators
  135. core
    cores, coring, cored
  136. corporate
    corporates, corporation, corporations
  137. correspond
    corresponded, correspondence, corresponding, correspondingly, corresponds
  138. couple
    coupled, coupling, couples
  139. create
    created, creates, creating, creation, creations, creative, creatively, creativity, creator, creators, recreate, recreated, recreates, recreating
  140. credit
    credited, crediting, creditor, creditors, credits
  141. criteria criterion
  142. crucial crucially
  143. culture
    cultural, culturally, cultured, cultures, uncultured
  144. currency currencies
  145. cycle
    cycled, cycles, cyclic, cyclical, cycling
  146. data
  147. debate
    debatable, debated, debates, debating
  148. decade decades
  149. decline
    declined, declines, declining
  150. deduce
    deduced, deduces, deducing, deduction, deductions
  151. define
    definable, defined, defines, defining, definition, definitions, redefine, redefined, redefines, redefining, undefined
  152. definite
    definitely, definitive, indefinite, indefinitely
  153. demonstrate
    demonstrable, demonstrably, demonstrated, demonstrates, demonstrating, demonstration, demonstrations, demonstrative, demonstratively, demonstrator, demonstrators
  154. denote
    denotation, denotations, denoted, denotes, denoting
  155. deny
    deniable, denial, denials, denied, denies, denying, undeniable
  156. depress
    depressed, depresses, depressing, depression
  157. derive
    derivation, derivations, derivative, derivatives, derived, derives, deriving
  158. design
    designed, designer, designers, designing, designs
  159. despite
  160. detect
    detectable, detected, detecting, detection, detective, detectives, detector, detectors, detects
  161. deviate
    deviated, deviates, deviating, deviation, deviations
  162. device devices
  163. devote
    devoted, devotedly, devotes, devoting, devotion, devotions
  164. differentiate
    differentiated, differentiates, differentiating, differentiation
  165. dimension
    dimensional, dimensions, multidimensional
  166. diminish
    diminished, diminishes, diminishing, diminution, undiminished
  167. discrete
    discretely, discretion, discretionary, indiscrete, indiscretion
  168. discriminate
    discriminated, discriminates, discriminating, discrimination
  169. displace
    displaced, displacement, displaces, displacing
  170. display
    displayed, displaying, displays
  171. dispose
    disposable, disposal, disposed, disposes, disposing
  172. distinct
    distinction, distinctions, distinctive, distinctively, distinctly, indistinct, indistinctly
  173. distort
    distorted, distorting, distortion, distortions, distorts
  174. distribute
    distributed, distributing, distribution, distributional, distributions, distributive, distributor, distributors, redistribute, redistributed, redistributes, redistributing, redistribution
  175. diverse
    diversely, diversification, diversified, diversifies, diversify, diversifying, diversity
  176. document
    documentation, documented, documenting, documents
  177. domain domains
  178. domestic
    domestically, domesticate, domesticated, domesticating, domestics
  179. dominate
    dominance, dominant, dominated, dominates, dominating, domination
  180. draft
    drafted, drafting, drafts, redraft, redrafted, redrafting, redrafts
  181. drama
    dramas, dramatic, dramatically, dramatise, dramatised, dramatising, dramatises, dramatisation, dramatisations, dramatist, dramatists, dramatization, dramatizations, dramatizing
  182. duration
  183. dynamic
    dynamically, dynamics
  184. economy
    economic, economical, economically, economics, economies, economist, economists, uneconomical
  185. edit
    edited, editing, edition, editions, editor, editorial, editorials, editors, edits
  186. element elements
  187. eliminate
    eliminated, eliminates, eliminating, elimination
  188. emerge
    emerged, emergence, emergent, emerges, emerging
  189. emphasis
    emphasise, emphasised, emphasising, emphatic, emphatically
  190. empirical
    empirically, empiricism
  191. enable
    enabled, enables, enabling
  192. encounter
    encountered, encountering, encounters
  193. energy
    energetic, energetically, energies
  194. enforce
    enforced, enforcement, enforces, enforcing
  195. enhance
    enhanced, enhancement, enhances, enhancing
  196. enormous
    enormity, enormously
  197. ensure
    ensured, ensures, ensuring
  198. entity entities
  199. environment
    environmental, environmentalist, environmentalists, environmentally, environments
  200. equate
    equated, equates, equating, equation, equations
  201. equip
    equipment, equipped, equipping, equips
  202. equivalent equivalence
  203. erode
    eroded, erodes, eroding, erosion
  204. error
    erroneous, erroneously, errors
  205. establish
    disestablish, disestablished, disestablishes, disestablishing, disestablishment, established, establishes, establishing, establishment, establishments
  206. estate estates
  207. estimate
    estimated, estimates, estimating, estimation, estimations, over-estimate, overestimate, overestimated, overestimates, overestimating, underestimate, underestimated, underestimates, underestimating
  208. ethic
    ethical, ethically, ethics, unethical
  209. ethnic ethnicity
  210. evaluate
    evaluated, evaluates, evaluating, evaluation, evaluations, evaluative, re-evaluate, re-evaluated, re-evaluates, re-evaluating, re-evaluation
  211. eventual
    eventuality, eventually
  212. evident
    evidenced, evidence, evidential, evidently
  213. evolve
    evolution, evolved, evolving, evolves, evolutionary, evolutionist, evolutionists
  214. exceed
    exceeded, exceeding, exceeds
  215. exclude
    excluded, excludes, excluding, exclusion, exclusionary, exclusionist, exclusions, exclusive, exclusively
  216. exhibit
    exhibited, exhibiting, exhibition, exhibitions, exhibits
  217. expand
    expanded, expanding, expands, expansion, expansionism, expansive
  218. expert
    expertise, expertly, experts
  219. explicit explicitly
  220. exploit
    exploitation, exploited, exploiting, exploits
  221. export
    exported, exporter, exporters, exporting, exports
  222. expose
    exposed, exposes, exposing, exposure, exposures
  223. external
    externalisation, externalise, externalised, externalises, externalising, externality
  224. extract
    extracted, extracting, extraction, extracts
  225. facilitate
    facilitated, facilitates, facilities, facilitating, facilitation, facilitator, facilitators, facility
  226. factor
    factored, factoring, factors
  227. feature
    featured, features, featuring
  228. federal
    federation, federations
  229. fee fees
  230. file
    filed, files, filing
  231. final
    finalise, finalised, finalises, finalising, finality, finally, finals
  232. finance
    financed, finances, financial, financially, financier, financiers, financing
  233. finite
    infinite, infinitely
  234. flexible
    flexibility, inflexible, inflexibility
  235. fluctuate
    fluctuated, fluctuates, fluctuating, fluctuation, fluctuations
  236. focus
    focused, focuses, focusing, refocus, refocused, refocuses, refocusing
  237. format
    formatted, formatting, formats
  238. formula
    formulae, formulas, formulate, formulated, formulating, formulation, formulations, reformulate, reformulated, reformulating, reformulation, reformulations
  239. forthcoming
  240. found
    founded, founder, founders, founding, unfounded
  241. foundation foundations
  242. framework frameworks
  243. function
    functional, functionally, functioned, functioning, functions
  244. fund
    funded, funder, funders, funding, funds
  245. fundamental fundamentally
  246. furthermore
  247. gender genders
  248. generate
    generated, generates, generating
  249. generation generations
  250. globe
    global, globally, globalisation, globalization
  251. goal goals
  252. grade
    graded, grades, grading
  253. grant
    granted, granting, grants
  254. guarantee
    guaranteed, guaranteeing, guarantees
  255. guideline guidelines
  256. hence
  257. hierarchy
    hierarchical, hierarchies
  258. highlight
    highlighted, highlighting, highlights
  259. hypothesis
    hypotheses, hypothesise, hypothesised, hypothesises, hypothesising, hypothetical, hypothetically
  260. identical identically
  261. identify
    identifiable, identification, identified, identifies, identifying, identities, identity, unidentifiable
  262. ideology
    ideological, ideologically, ideologies
  263. ignorant
    ignorance, ignore, ignored, ignores, ignoring
  264. illustrate
    illustrated, illustrates, illustrating, illustration, illustrations, illustrative
  265. image
    imagery, images
  266. immigrate
    immigrant, immigrants, immigrated, immigrates, immigrating, immigration
  267. impact
    impacted, impacting, impacts
  268. implement
    implementation, implemented, implementing, implements
  269. implicate
    implicated, implicates, implicating, implication, implications
  270. implicit implicitly
  271. imply
    implied, implies, implying
  272. impose
    imposed, imposes, imposing, imposition
  273. incentive incentives
  274. incidence
    incident, incidentally, incidents
  275. incline
    inclination, inclinations,inclined, inclines, inclining
  276. income incomes
  277. incorporate
    incorporated, incorporates, incorporating, incorporation
  278. index
    indexed, indexes, indexing
  279. indicate
    indicated, indicates, indicating, indication, indications, indicative, indicator, indicators
  280. individual
    individualised, individuality, individualism, individualist, individualists, individualistic, individually, individuals
  281. induce
    induced, induces, inducing, induction
  282. inevitable
    inevitability, inevitably
  283. infer
    inference, inferences, inferred, inferring, infers
  284. infrastructure infrastructures
  285. inherent inherently
  286. inhibit
    inhibited, inhibiting, inhibition, inhibitions, inhibits
  287. initial initially
  288. initiate
    initiated, initiates, initiating, initiation, initiations, initiative, initiatives, initiator, initiators
  289. injure
    injured, injures, injuries, injuring, injury, uninjured
  290. innovate
    innovation, innovated, innovates, innovating, innovations, innovative, innovator, innovators
  291. input inputs
  292. insert
    inserted, inserting, insertion, inserts
  293. insight
    insightful, insights
  294. inspect
    inspected, inspecting, inspection, inspections, inspector, inspectors, inspects
  295. instance instances
  296. institute
    instituted, institutes, instituting, institution, institutional, institutionalise, institutionalised, institutionalises, institutionalising, institutionally, institutions
  297. instruct
    instruction, instructed, instructing, instructions, instructive, instructor, instructors, instructs
  298. integral
  299. integrate
    integrated, integrates, integrating, integration
  300. integrity
  301. intelligent
    intelligence, intelligently, unintelligent
  302. intense
    intensely, intenseness, intensification, intensified, intensifies, intensify, intensifying, intension, intensity, intensive, intensively
  303. interact
    interacted, interacting, interaction, interactions, interactive, interactively, interacts
  304. intermediate
  305. internal
    internalise, internalised, internalises, internalising, internally
  306. interpret
    interpretation, interpretations, interpretative, interpreted, interpreting, interpretive, interprets, misinterpret, misinterpretation, misinterpretations, misinterpreted, misinterpreting, misinterprets, reinterpret, reinterpreted, reinterprets, reinterpreting, reinterpretation, reinterpretations
  307. interval intervals
  308. intervene
    intervened, intervenes, intervening, intervention, interventions
  309. intrinsic intrinsically
  310. invest
    invested, investing, investment, investments, investor, investors, invests, reinvest, reinvested, reinvesting, reinvestment, reinvests
  311. investigate
    investigated, investigates, investigating, investigation, investigations, investigative, investigator, investigators
  312. invoke
    invoked, invokes, invoking
  313. involve
    involved, involvement, involves, involving, uninvolved
  314. isolate
    isolated, isolates, isolating, isolation, isolationism
  315. issue
    issued, issues, issuing
  316. item
    itemisation, itemise, itemised, itemises, itemising, items
  317. job jobs
  318. journal journals
  319. justify
    justifiable, justifiably, justification, justifications, justified, justifies, justifying, unjustified
  320. label
    labelled, labelling, labels
  321. labour
    laboured, labouring, labours
  322. layer
    layered, layering, layers
  323. lecture
    lectured, lecturer, lecturers, lectures, lecturing
  324. legal
    illegal, illegality, illegally, legality, legally
  325. legislate
    legislated, legislates, legislating, legislation, legislative, legislator, legislators, legislature
  326. levy levies
  327. liberal
    liberalise, liberalism, liberalisation, liberalised, liberalises, liberalising, liberalization, liberate, liberated, liberates, liberation, liberations, liberating, liberator, liberators, liberally, liberals
  328. licence
    licences, license, licensed, licensing, licenses, unlicensed
  329. likewise
  330. link
    linkage, linkages, linked, linking, links
  331. locate
    located, locating, location, locations, relocate, relocated, relocates, relocating, relocation
  332. logic
    illogical, illogically, logical, logically, logician, logicians
  333. maintain
    maintained, maintaining, maintains, maintenance
  334. major
    majorities, majority
  335. manipulate
    manipulated, manipulates, manipulating, manipulation, manipulations, manipulative
  336. manual
    manually, manuals
  337. margin
    marginal, marginally, margins
  338. mature
    immature, immaturity, maturation, maturational, matured, matures, maturing, maturity
  339. maximise
    max, maximised, maximises, maximising, maximisation, maximum
  340. mechanism mechanisms
  341. media
  342. mediate
    mediated, mediates, mediating, mediation
  343. medical medically
  344. medium
  345. mental
    mentality, mentally
  346. method
    methodical, methodological, methodologies, methodology, methods
  347. migrate
    migrant, migrants, migrated, migrates, migrating, migration, migrations, migratory
  348. military
  349. minimal
    minimalisation, minimalise, minimalises, minimalised, minimalising, minimalist, minimalists, minimalistic, minimally
  350. minimise
    minimised, minimises, minimising
  351. minimum
  352. ministry
    ministered, ministering, ministerial, ministries
  353. minor
    minorities, minority, minors
  354. mode modes
  355. modify
    modification, modifications, modified, modifies, modifying, unmodified
  356. monitor
    monitored, monitoring, monitors, unmonitored
  357. motive
    motivate, motivated, motivates, motivating, motivation, motivations, motives, unmotivated
  358. mutual mutually
  359. negate
    negative, negated, negates, negating, negatively, negatives
  360. network
    networked, networking, networks
  361. neutral
    neutralisation, neutralise, neutralised, neutralises, neutralising, neutrality
  362. nevertheless
  363. nonetheless
  364. norm norms
  365. normal
    abnormal, abnormally, normalisation, normalise, normalised, normalises, normalising, normality, normally
  366. notion notions
  367. notwithstanding
  368. nuclear
  369. objective
    objectively, objectivity
  370. obtain
    obtainable, obtained, obtaining, obtains, unobtainable
  371. obvious obviously
  372. occupy
    occupancy, occupant, occupants, occupation,occupational, occupations, occupied, occupier, occupiers, occupies, occupying
  373. occur
    occurred, occurrence, occurrences, occurring, occurs, reoccur, reoccurred, reoccurring, reoccurs
  374. odd odds
  375. offset
    offsets, offsetting
  376. ongoing
  377. option
    optional, options
  378. orient
    orientate, orientated, orientates, orientation, orientating, oriented, orienting, orients, reorient, reorientation
  379. outcome outcomes
  380. output outputs
  381. overall
  382. overlap
    overlapped, overlapping, overlaps
  383. overseas
  384. panel
    panelled, panelling, panels
  385. paradigm paradigms
  386. paragraph
    paragraphing, paragraphs
  387. parallel
    paralleled, parallels, unparalleled
  388. parameter parameters
  389. participate
    participant, participants, participated, participates, participating, participation, participatory
  390. partner
    partners, partnership, partnerships
  391. passive
    passively, passivity
  392. perceive
    perceived, perceives, perceiving, perception, perceptions
  393. percent
    percentage, percentages
  394. period
    periodic, periodical, periodically, periodicals, periods
  395. persist
    persisted, persistence, persistent, persistently, persisting, persists
  396. perspective perspectives
  397. phase
    phased, phases, phasing
  398. phenomenon
    phenomena, phenomenal
  399. philosophy
    philosopher, philosophers, philosophical, philosophically, philosophies, philosophise, philosophised, philosophises, philosophising
  400. physical physically
  401. plus pluses
  402. policy policies
  403. portion portions
  404. pose
    posed, poses, posing
  405. positive positively
  406. potential potentially
  407. practitioner practitioners
  408. precede
    preceded, precedence, precedent, precedes, preceding, unprecedented
  409. precise
    imprecise, precisely, precision
  410. predict
    predictability, predictable, predictably, predicted, predicting, prediction, predictions, predicts, unpredictability, unpredictable
  411. predominant
    predominance, predominantly, predominate, predominated, predominates, predominating
  412. preliminary preliminaries
  413. presume
    presumably, presumed, presumes, presuming, presumption, presumptions, presumptuous
  414. previous previously
  415. primary primarily
  416. prime primacy
  417. principal principally
  418. principle
    principled, principles, unprincipled
  419. prior
  420. priority
    priorities, prioritisation, prioritise, prioritised, prioritises, prioritising
  421. proceed
    procedural, procedure, procedures, proceeded, proceeding, proceedings, proceeds
  422. process
    processed, processes, processing
  423. professional
    professionally, professionals, professionalism
  424. prohibit
    prohibited, prohibiting, prohibition, prohibitions, prohibitive, prohibits
  425. project
    projected, projecting, projection, projections, projects
  426. promote
    promoted, promoter, promoters, promotes, promoting, promotion, promotions
  427. proportion
    disproportion, disproportionate, disproportionately, proportional, proportionally, proportionate, proportionately, proportions
  428. prospect
    prospective, prospects
  429. protocol protocols
  430. psychology
    psychological, psychologically, psychologist, psychologists
  431. publication publications
  432. publish
    published, publisher, publishers, publishes, publishing, unpublished
  433. purchase
    purchased, purchaser, purchasers, purchases, purchasing
  434. pursue
    pursued, pursues, pursuing, pursuit, pursuits
  435. qualitative qualitatively
  436. quote
    quotation, quotations, quoted, quotes, quoting
  437. radical
    radically, radicals
  438. random
    randomly, randomness
  439. range
    ranged, ranges, ranging
  440. ratio ratios
  441. rational
    irrational, rationalisation, rationalisations, rationalise, rationalised, rationalises, rationalising, rationalism, rationality, rationally
  442. react
    reacted, reacts, reacting, reaction, reactionaries, reactionary, reactions, reactive, reactivate, reactivation, reactor, reactors
  443. recover
    recoverable, recovered, recovering, recovers, recovery
  444. refine
    refined, refinement, refinements, refines, refining
  445. regime regimes
  446. region
    regional, regionally, regions
  447. register
    deregister, deregistered, deregistering, deregisters, deregistration, registered, registering, registers, registration
  448. regulate
    deregulated, deregulates, deregulating, deregulation, regulated, regulates, regulating, regulation,regulations, regulator, regulators, regulatory, unregulated
  449. reinforce
    reinforced, reinforcement, reinforcements, reinforces, reinforcing
  450. reject
    rejected, rejecting, rejection, rejects, rejections
  451. relax
    relaxation, relaxed, relaxes, relaxing
  452. release
    released, releases, releasing
  453. relevant
    irrelevance, irrelevant, relevance
  454. reluctance
    reluctant, reluctantly
  455. rely
    reliability, reliable, reliably, reliance, reliant, relied, relies, relying, unreliable
  456. remove
    removable, removal, removals, removed, removes, removing
  457. require
    required, requirement, requirements, requires, requiring
  458. research
    researched, researcher, researchers, researches, researching
  459. reside
    resided, residence, resident, residential, residents, resides, residing
  460. resolve
    resolution, resolved, resolves, resolving, unresolved
  461. resource
    resourced, resourceful, resources, resourcing, unresourceful, under-resourced
  462. respond
    responded, respondent, respondents, responding, responds, response, responses, responsive, responsiveness, unresponsive
  463. restore
    restoration, restored, restores, restoring
  464. restrain
    restrained, restraining, restrains, restraint, restraints, unrestrained
  465. restrict
    restricted, restricting, restriction, restrictions, restrictive, restrictively, restricts, unrestricted, unrestrictive
  466. retain
    retained, retaining, retainer, retainers, retains, retention, retentive
  467. reveal
    revealed, revealing, reveals, revelation, revelations
  468. revenue revenues
  469. reverse
    reversal, reversed, reverses, reversible, reversing, reversals, irreversible
  470. revise
    revised, revises, revising, revision, revisions
  471. revolution
    revolutionary, revolutionaries, revolutionise, revolutionised, revolutionises, revolutionising, revolutionist, revolutionists, revolutions
  472. rigid
    rigidities, rigidity, rigidly
  473. role roles
  474. route
    routed, routes, routing
  475. scenario scenarios
  476. schedule
    reschedule, rescheduled, reschedules, rescheduling, scheduled, schedules, scheduling, unscheduled
  477. scheme
    schematic, schematically, schemed, schemes, scheming
  478. scope
  479. section
    sectioned, sectioning, sections
  480. sector sectors
  481. secure
    insecure, insecurities, insecurity, secured, securely, secures, securing, securities, security
  482. seek
    seeking, seeks, sought
  483. select
    selected, selecting, selection, selections, selective, selectively, selector, selectors, selects
  484. sequence
    sequenced, sequences, sequencing, sequential, sequentially
  485. series
  486. sex
    sexes, sexism, sexual, sexuality, sexually
  487. shift
    shifted, shifting, shifts
  488. significant
    insignificant, insignificantly, significance, significantly, signified, signifies, signify, signifying
  489. similar
    dissimilar, similarities, similarity, similarly
  490. simulate
    simulated, simulates, simulating, simulation
  491. site sites
  492. so-called
  493. sole solely
  494. somewhat
  495. source
    sourced, sources, sourcing
  496. specific
    specifically, specification, specifications, specificity, specifics
  497. specify
    specifiable, specified, specifies, specifying, unspecified
  498. sphere
    spheres, spherical, spherically
  499. stable
    instability, stabilisation, stabilise, stabilised, stabilises, stabilising, stability, unstable
  500. statistic
    statistician, statisticians, statistical, statistically, statistics
  501. status
  502. straightforward
  503. strategy
    strategic, strategies, strategically, strategist, strategists
  504. stress
    stressed, stresses, stressful, stressing, unstressed
  505. structure
    restructure, restructured, restructures, restructuring, structural, structurally, structured, structures, structuring, unstructured
  506. style
    styled, styles, styling, stylish, stylise, stylised, stylises, stylising
  507. submit
    submission, submissions, submits, submitted, submitting
  508. subordinate
    subordinates, subordination
  509. subsequent subsequently
  510. subsidy
    subsidiary, subsidies, subsidise, subsidised, subsidises, subsidising
  511. substitute
    substituted, substitutes, substituting, substitution
  512. successor
    succession, successions, successive, successively, successors
  513. sufficient
    sufficiency, insufficient, insufficiently, sufficiently
  514. sum
    summation, summed, summing, sums
  515. summary
    summaries, summarise, summarised, summarises, summarising, summarisation, summarisations
  516. supplement
    supplementary, supplemented, supplementing, supplements
  517. survey
    surveyed, surveying, surveys
  518. survive
    survival, survived, survives, surviving, survivor, survivors
  519. suspend
    suspended, suspending, suspends, suspension
  520. sustain
    sustainable, sustainability, sustained, sustaining, sustains, sustenance, unsustainable
  521. symbol
    symbolic, symbolically, symbolise, symbolises, symbolised, symbolising, symbolism, symbols
  522. tape
    taped, tapes, taping
  523. target
    targeted, targeting, targets
  524. task tasks
  525. team
    teamed, teaming, teams
  526. technical technically
  527. technique techniques
  528. technology
    technological, technologically
  529. temporary temporarily
  530. tense
    tension, tensely, tenser, tensest, tensions
  531. terminate
    terminal, terminals, terminated, terminates, terminating, termination, terminations
  532. text
    texts, textual
  533. theme
    themes, thematic, thematically
  534. theory
    theoretical, theoretically, theories, theorist, theorists
  535. thereby
  536. thesis theses
  537. topic
    topical, topics
  538. trace
    traceable, traced, traces, tracing
  539. tradition
    non-traditional, traditional, traditionalist, traditionally, traditions
  540. transfer
    transferable, transference, transferred, transferring, transfers
  541. transform
    transformation, transformations, transformed, transforming, transforms
  542. transit
    transited, transiting, transition, transitional, transitions, transitory, transits
  543. transmit
    transmission, transmissions, transmitted, transmitting, transmits
  544. transport
    transportation, transported, transporter, transporters, transporting, transports
  545. trend trends
  546. trigger
    triggered, triggering, triggers
  547. ultimate ultimately
  548. undergo
    undergoes, undergoing, undergone, underwent
  549. underlie
    underlay, underlies, underlying
  550. undertake
    undertaken, undertakes, undertaking, undertook
  551. uniform
    uniformity, uniformly
  552. unify
    unification, unified, unifies, unifying
  553. unique
    uniquely, uniqueness
  554. utilise
    utilisation, utilised, utilises, utilising, utiliser, utilisers, utility, utilities
  555. valid
    invalidate, invalidity, validate, validated, validating, validation, validity, validly
  556. vary
    invariable, invariably, variability, variable, variables, variably, variance, variant, variants, variation, variations, varied, varies, varying
  557. vehicle vehicles
  558. version versions
  559. via
  560. violate
    violated, violates, violating, violation, violations
  561. virtual virtually
  562. visible
    visibility, visibly, invisible, invisibility
  563. vision visions
  564. visual
    visualise, visualised, visualised, visualising, visualisation, visually
  565. volume
    volumes, vol
  566. voluntary
    voluntarily, volunteer, volunteering, volunteered, volunteers
  567. welfare
  568. whereas
  569. whereby
  570. widespread
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