SAT Vocab Set #12

  1. Latent
    existing but inactive, such as a certain quality; dormant or still; invisible
  2. Laud
    praise; worship; extol
  3. Legacy
    something inherited, either from an ancestor or from the past itself
  4. Lethargic
    tired; sluggish; drowsy
  5. Levity
    lightness; playfulness; jocularity
  6. Lionize
    to put someone onto a pedestal; to treat with great respect
  7. Listless
    tired; sluggish; lacking drive
  8. Loath
    reluctant; unwilling
  9. Loathe
    to hate
  10. Lofty
    at a great height; elevated; noble
  11. Loquacious
  12. Lucid
    easy to understand; transparent; clear-thinking
  13. Ludicrous
    absurd; ridiculous
  14. Lugubrious
  15. Magnanimous
    big-hearted; generous; forgiving; noble
  16. Magnate
    a person of great power
  17. Malediction
    evil speech; curse
  18. Malefactor
    person who tries to hurt others; criminal
  19. Malice
    a desire to cause harm or suffering
  20. Malign
    to say evil or harmful things about someone; defame; vilify
  21. Malleable
    able to be reshaped by force; pliable; impressionable
  22. Marred
    spoiled, scratched, blemished
  23. Meager
    small in size or amount; thin; weak
  24. Meander
    wander in a carefree manner; follow a winding course; ramble
  25. Mellifluous
    smooth; sweetly flowing
Card Set
SAT Vocab Set #12
SAT Vocab Set #12