SAT Vocab Set #11

  1. Insolent
    rude; haughty
  2. Insolvent
    unable to pay bills; bankrupt
  3. Intermittent
    occurring at intervals; periodic; not constant or continual
  4. Intractable
    stubborn; immovable
  5. Intrinsic
    located within the very nature of an object or perosn; inherent
  6. Invert
    turn upside down or inside out; reverse position
  7. Irascible
    easily angered
  8. Irony
    an unexpected outcome, or the use of a word that is the opposite of its literal meaning
  9. Irresolute
    indecisive; unsure
  10. Irreverent
  11. Jargon
    specialized language used by a particular group
  12. Jaundice
    yellow color; or, envy or resentment
  13. Jaunty
    lively; perky; sprightly
  14. Jeopardy
    the threat or possibility of danger
  15. Jettison
    to throw overboard; to discard
  16. Jocular
    joking; playful; jestling; witty
  17. Jubilant
    filled with joy
  18. Judicious
    wise; making good decisions
  19. Juncture
    point in time, especially a crucial one; joint or connection
  20. Juxtapose
    to place side-by-side
  21. Kindle
    to start a fire; ignite; arouse
  22. Kinetic
    in motion; active
  23. Laconic
    quiet; of few words; terse
  24. Lament
    express sorrow; complain
  25. Languish
    lose energy or motivation; become weak or depressed
Card Set
SAT Vocab Set #11
SAT Vocab Set #11