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  1. Diagram
    Learon visits the site on the day after the day on which Jose views the site
    LJ block
  2. Diagram
    John goes to practice in the time slot after the time slot in which Ryan goes to practice
    RJ block
  3. Diagram
    Joe views the site on the day after the day on which Brian views the site
    BJ block
  4. Diagram
    Every blue car has at least one red car next to it
    r/B/r block
  5. Diagram
    Art arrives three days before Bart
    A_ _ B
  6. Diagram
    Brian arrives four days after Greg
    G_ _ _ B
  7. Diagram
    Alex works two days before Kyle
    A _ K block
  8. Diagram
    Ronald must be separated from Dwayne by at least three spaces
    Rotating block with at least written above empty spaces
  9. Diagram and contrapositive
    Steve will be a captain unless Rasheed is a team captain
    Not S------>R. Or


    at least one of the two must be selected or both
  10. Diagram
    The only way that the Tigers will not finish in first place is if the White socks finish in first place
  11. Diagram
    The only atheletes eligible to recieve honors were Justin and Kelly
    E------->J and K
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