Compound Words

  1. Slapdash
    One word conjures up a relatively violent action, the other what one typically does if they want to scape a dangerous situation. Put them together and you get, voila, a word meaning careless. That’s right-- slapdash means hastily put together.
  2. Heyday
    About two of the most ordinary words I can think of, and how someone who is generally apathetic might greet the morning. Put them together, and you get something far more exciting. Heyday is the pinnacle, or top, of a person, time period or career.
  3. Hodgepodge
    Okay, I’m not really sure what a hodge is, or for that matter, a podge. But if you put them together, you get hodgepodge, a word that means a confusing mixture or jumble.
  4. Aboveboard
    I guess whatever is below the board is deceptive, because aboveboard means open an honest. It usually refers to government officials who are honest.
  5. Thoroughgoing
    • If something is thorough it is complete. Therefore, thorough isn’t too far from the meaning of
    • thoroughgoing, which means absolute.
  6. Telltale
    If I tell a tale, I am telling a story, one that is usually a fib. Telltale, however, simply means revealing.
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Compound Words