Words from Political Scandals

  1. Malfeasance
    • Malfeasance is wrongdoing, usually by a public official. Oftentimes, you hear the term corporate malfeasance—this type of wrongdoing occurs when somebody in the business world is up to no good.
    • Typically, though, malfeasance is used in the context of politics. And, not to sound too cynical, but one usually doesn’t have to look much further than one’s local news to find example of malfeasance—political or corporate.
  2. Lascivious
    Lascivious, like lecherous, prurient, and libidinous, all refer to perversion. In terms of linking these words to the world of politics…well, given the events of the last few months, I don’t think I need to elaborate. Just make sure to lock your hotel room doors.
  3. Embroiled
    To become caught up in a scandal is to become embroiled in it. In the last couple of months, a few well-known politicians (again, not naming any names) have become embroiled in scandals. From the verb embroiled, we get the noun imbroglio, which is an embarrassing, confusing situation.
  4. Venality
    If you’ve ever heard of a government taking bribes, well, that is an example of venality. To be venal is to be corrupt. Of late, charges of venality tend to be few, though such charges simply don’t make the same headlines as scandals of the lecherous kind.
  5. Prevaricate
    If you’ve ever seen a politician caught in a lie (never!), and that person is trying to wiggle their way out of a pointed question, he (or she) is prevaricating. Not that a U.S. president would ever prevaricate by talking about the household pet when confronted with charges of venality.
  6. Turpitude
    Sometimes lechery and its synonymous friends are just too soft when describing certain acts of malfeasance. At the far ends of the political spectrum, where outrage is felt most keenly, people feel the need to invoke far harsher vocabulary when condemning naughty behavior. One such word is turpitude, which gained prominence in the late 90’s (Google will fill in the blanks). A synonym for depravity, turpitude is only reserved for those acts deemed to be downright wicked and immoral. If you need further explication, imagine the final days of the Roman Empire.
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Words from Political Scandals