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  1. Synonyms of some
    • Some
    • Many
    • At least some
    • At least one
    • A few
    • A number
    • Several
    • Part of
    • A portion
  2. Diagram some W's are not Z's
    • W<------->notZ
    • With S above
  3. Diagram
    Not all T's are V's
    • T<------->notV
    • With S above
  4. Define some
    At least one, possibly all
  5. Define most
    A majority, possibly all
  6. Diagram
    Most W's are not Z's
    • W------->notZ
    • With M
  7. Synonyms of most
    • Most
    • A majority
    • More than half
    • Almost all
    • Usually
    • Typically
  8. Is there a contrapositive for some and most statements?
    No, because they do not necessarily encompass an entire group, only the arrows like ALL have contrapositive.
  9. Diagram
    No X are Y
    • X------>notY
    • X<--/-->Y
  10. What do you look for when making inferences in formal logic?
    The weakest link and relevant negativity
  11. Does two double not arrows in a row produce an inference?
  12. What do some and most need to make an inference?
    Arrows that encompass all or none
  13. What is the one case when two most produce an inference and what is it?
    A<----m---- B ----m---->C

    Some A's are C's
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