Tricky “Easy” GRE Words with Multiple Meanings

  1. Stem
    to stem means to hold back or limit the flow or growth of something.
  2. Blinkered
    to have a limited outlook or understanding.
  3. Check
    To check something is to stop its growth (similar to stem but with more of a focus on growth than flow).
  4. Checkered
    A checkered past is one that is marked by disreputablehappenings.
  5. Raft
    A raft is an inflatable boat. It can also mean a large number of something.
  6. Involved
    it is complicated, and difficult to comprehend.
  7. Retiring
    To be retiring is to be shy,and have the inclination to retract from company.
  8. Expansive
    communicative, and prone to talking in a sociablemanner.
  9. Moment
    If something is of moment, it is significantand important (think of the word momentous).
  10. Base
    contemptible and ignoble.
  11. Imbibe
    Literally, to imbibe is to drink, usually copiously. Figuratively, imbibe can refer to an intake ofknowledge or information.
  12. Inundate
    Speaking of floods, inundate is a synonym for deluge. Figuratively, to be inundated means to be overwhelmed by too many people or things.
  13. Scintillating
    If something gives off sparks, such as when photons collide, it is said to scintillate. Figuratively, scintillating describes someone who is brilliant and lively.
  14. Benighted
    If the sky darkens, and becomes night, it is, unsurprisingly, benighted. However, if a people are benighted (this word is usually reserved for the collective), that group falls in a state of ignorance.
  15. Galvanize
    Today, galvanize can mean to shock but in a different sense than through raw electricity. To galvanizeis to shock or urge somebody/something into action.

    Need to strengthen steel by giving it a final coat? Or, perhaps you need to motivate somebody? Well, in both cases, you would literally be galvanizing. Figuratively, to galvanize is to excite to action or spur on.
  16. Hedge
    Hedge can also be used in a verb sense. If you hedge your bets, you play safely. If you hedge a statement, you limit or qualify that statement. Finally, hedge can also mean to avoid making a direct statement, as in equivocating.
  17. Flush
    to be in abundance, and to drive out of hiding
  18. Fell
    fell—to cut down a tree, the past tense of fall (we all know that) and evil.
  19. Arch
    to be arch is to be deliberately teasing
  20. Beg
    To beg a question can mean to evade a question,invite an obvious question, or, and this is where it starts to get really tricky, to ask a question that initself makes unwarranted assumptions.
  21. Tender
    When you tender something, you offer it up.
  22. Intimate
    The secondary meaning for intimate is to suggest something subtly.
  23. Wanting
    Wanting means lacking.
  24. Becoming
    If something isbecoming, it matches nicely.
  25. Start
    To start is to suddenlymove or dart in a particular direction
  26. Fleece
    To fleece is to deceive.
  27. Telling
    If something is telling, it is significant and stands out.
  28. Wax
    The secondary meaning for wax is to increase. The opposite ofwax is to wane.
  29. Qualify
    To qualify is to limit, and is usually used in the context of a statement or an opinion.
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