French Revolution and Napoleon Vocabulary

  1. Ancien Regime
    The Old Way in France before the revolution with the king and nobles having all the power
  2. Estate
    a social class in France. There were three estates in the Ancien Regime
  3. Estates
    General- The parliament in France before the revolution
  4. National Assembly
    The parliament in France after the revolution started
  5. Slogan of the French Revolution
    Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
  6. Sans Culottes
    "without knee breeches"- long pants of the workers, symbol of the revolution
  7. Guillotine
    Instrument of execution in France
  8. Bastille
    Ancient French prison
  9. Bastille Day
    July 14, 1789- the date recognized as the start of the French Revolution
  10. Declaration of the Rights of Man
    Granted social equality to everyone in France
  11. Radicals
    sat on the extreme left in the National Assembly. They wanted change right away. They wanted a violent overthrow of the government
  12. Moderates
    sat in the middle- they wanted change to come slowly to France. They wanted a king under a constitution
  13. Reactionaries
    sat to the extreme right- They wanted no change in the government. They wanted the Divine Right of Kings back.
  14. Reign of Terror
    August, 1793- July, 1794: Time when the radicals were in charge of the revolution. They killed the enemies of the revolution.
  15. Directory
    Time after the Reign of Terror- Five men ruling France and they were conservatives
  16. Coup d'etat
    Blow at the State- A sudden, forcible overthrow of the government
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