1. Cardiorespiratory endurance
    The ability of the heart lungs and circulatory system to provide the cells of the body with oxygen and other substances necessary to perform actions in you THR

    • Frequency: 3-7 days
    • Intensity: Mod-Hi
    • Time: 30-60 mins
    • Type: jogging, biking, swimming, crew
  2. Muscle stregnth
    The ability of a muscle to exert a higher force against a resistance for a shorter period of time.

    • FrequencyL Every other day
    • Intensity: Hi
    • Time: Shorter
    • Type: Sprints, Javelin, Shot put, long jump, etc
  3. Muscle Endurance
    The ability of a muscle to sustain a movement for a longer period of time

    • Frequency: 3 to 7 days a week
    • Intensity - Mod to Hi
    • Time: Longer
    • Type: Crew, cross country, 1600 meter run, etc
  4. Flexibility
    The ability of a muscle to sustain a movement for a longer period of time.

    • Frequency> Daily
    • Intensity: Low or Mod
    • Time: Medium to long (1 min for muscles, 2 mins for tendons)
    • Type: Ballet, yoga, fencing, broad jump, gymnastics, etc
  5. Body Composition
    The amount of body fat vs lean body mass.

    • Nutrition: What you eat as fuel, essential nutrients
    • Exercsice: How you burn calories using the above
  6. Resting Heart Rate
    The number of times your heart will beat in one minute after resting for at lest 5 mins
  7. Maximum Heart Rate
    Highest number of heartbeats in one minute for a person. Calculated by subtracting your age from 220
  8. Recovery Heart Rate
    Difference between your pulse after being in your target heart rate for 20 mins and after resting it for one minute
  9. Target Heart Range
    The range BPM in which you want your heart to be in to develop cardio-respirtatiory endurance. 60-80% MHR so about 160-180 for average non honey boo boo person
  10. Lean Body Mass
    Weight of everything except fat aka the honey boo boo
  11. What does body fat do
    • Preserves heat
    • Stores fuel for energy production
    • Padding for internal organs
    • Pisses bitches
  12. High levels of body fat are associated with what
    High levels of body fat are associated with high blood pressure, increased levels of cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and certain cancers

    Honey boo boo
  13. Very low body fat/anerexia can cause what
    Heart damage, digestive problems, shrinkage of internal organs, immune system abnormalities, reproductive disorders, loss of muscle tissue, damage to the nervous system, abnormal growth and even DEATH
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