pedi quize 4

  1. 3 yrs personal/social
    • begins erikson's initiative vs guilt
    • conscience develps
    •   shy w/ strangers inept w/ peers
    • sufficiently independent to be interested in group experiences w/ age mates
  2. 3 yr fine motor
    • able to button clothes
    • copies O and +
    • uses pencils, crayons, paints
    • shows preference for R or L hand
  3. 3yr Gross motor
    • tends to watch motor activities before attemptin them
    • can jump several feet
    • uses hands in broad movements
    • rides trike
    • negotiates stairs well
  4. 3yr Language
    • vocab up to 1,000 words
    • articulates vowels accurately
    • talks a lot
    • sings and recites
    • asks many questions
  5. 3yr cognatition
    • continues preoperational state (2-7yrs)
    •   characterized by
    •    1.centratioin, or the inability to attend to more than one aspect of a situation
    •   2. Egocentricity, or the inability to consider the perceptionof others
    •   3.the static and irreversible quality of thought that makes the child unable to perceive the processes of change
  6. 4 personal social
    • boisterous and inflamatory
    • aggressive physically and verbally but developes behaviors to become socially aceptable
    • becomes socially acceptable
    • accepts punishement for wrong doing because it relieves quilt
  7. 4yr fine motor
    • can use sissors
    • copies a square
    • adds 3 parts to stick figures
  8. 4yr Gross motor
    • has some hesitation but tends to try feats
    • beyond ability
    • greater powers of balance and accuracy
    • hops on one foot
    • can control movements of hands
  9. 4yr language
    • vocab of about 1,500 words
    • constant ?'s
    • sentences of four to five words
    • uses profanity
    • reports fantasies as truth
  10. 4yr cognition
    • reality and fantasy are not always clear to preschooler
    • magical thinking-believes that words mak things real
  11. 5yr personal social
    • initiates contacts with strangers and relates interesting little tales
    • interested in telling and comparing stories about self
    • peer relations are important
    • responds to social values by assuming sex roles with rigidity
  12. 5yr fine motor
    • ties shoelaces
    • copies a diamond and triangle
    • prints a few letters or numbers
    • may print first name
    • cuts food
  13. 5yr gross motor
    • will not attempt feats beyond ability
    • throws and catches ball well
    • jumps rope
    • walks backwared with heel to toe
    • skips and hops
    • adept on bicycle and climbing equipement
  14. 5 yr language
    • vocab of 3,000 words
    • speech is intelligible
    • asks meaning of words
    • enjoys telling stories
  15. 5yr cognition
    • thinks feelings and thoughts can happen
    • intrusion into the body cause fear and anxiety (fear of mutilation and castration
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