SAT Vocabulary List 10

  1. camaraderie
    n. good-fellowship
  2. enunciate
    v. speak distinctly
  3. leviate
    v. float in the air (especially by magical means)
  4. etymology
    n. study of word parts
  5. pummel
    v. beat or pound with fists
  6. substantive
    adj. essential; pertaining to the substance
  7. dismay
    • v. discourage; frighten
    • n. consternation; alarm; disillusionment
  8. heresay
    n. opinion contrary to popular belief or accepted religion
  9. filial
    adj. pertaining to a son or daughter
  10. anachronistic
    adj. having an error involving time in a story
  11. bode
    v. foreshadow; portend
  12. cognizance
    n. knowledge
  13. viper
    n. poisonous snake
  14. query
    n. inquiry; question
  15. subpoena
    n. writ summoning a witness to appear
  16. ephemeral
    adj. short lived; fleeting
  17. calorific
    adj. heat-producing
  18. propitious
    adj. favourable; fortunate; advantageous
  19. obscure
    v. darken; make unclear
  20. cataract
    n. great waterfall; eye abnormality
  21. foster
    v. rear; encourage
  22. unerringly
    adj. infallibly
  23. relinquish
    v. give up something with reluctance; yeild
  24. puny
    adj. insignificant; tiny; weak
  25. divest
    v. strip; deprive
  26. awe
    n. solemn wonder
  27. gravity
    n. seriousness
  28. appreciate
    v. be thankful for; increase in worth; be thoroughly conscious of
  29. latitude
    n. freedom from narrow limitations; angular distance, measured in degrees. north or south from the equator
  30. embroil
    v. throw into confusion; involve in strife; entangle
  31. autopsy
    n. examination of a dead body; post-mortem
  32. mediocre
    adj. ordinary; commonplace
  33. flinch
    v. hesitate, shrink
  34. picaresque
    adj. pertaining to rogues in literature
  35. importune
    v. beg persistently
  36. depravity
    n. extreme corruption; wickedness
  37. linger
    v. loiter or dawdle; continue or persist
  38. circumspect
    adj. prudent; cautious
  39. stealth
    n. slyness; sneakiness; secretiveness
  40. zephyr
    n. gentle breeze; west wind
  41. arrest
    v. stop or slow down; catch someone's attention
  42. clump
    n. cluster or close group (of bushes, trees); mass; sound of heavy treading
  43. repellent
    adj. driving away; unattractive
  44. evenhanded
    adj. impartial; fair
  45. acquire
    v. obtain; get
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