list 20

  1. augment
    verb - to increase or enlarge; to become greater in size
  2. conspicuous
    adjective - clearly visible; remarkable
  3. dissipated
    adjective - given to indulging excessively in sensual pleasures
  4. extol
    verb - to praise highly
  5. insurgent
    noun - one who rises in revolt
  6. ponderous
    adjective - very heavy; bulky; labored and dull or tiresome
  7. respite
    noun - a temporary cessation or postponement, usually of something disagreeable; interval of rest
  8. trepidation
    noun - a trembling; apprehension; a state of alarm and dread
  9. voracious
    adjective - ravenous; greedy; gluttonous
  10. austere
    adjective - stern in manner or appearance; strict in morals
  11. copious
    adjective - abundant
  12. intemperate
    adjective - lacking in self-control
  13. pragmatic
    adjective - practical; opinionated; concerned with actual practice rather than with theory or speculation
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