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  1. 6. The combination of plasma and formed elements is called

    C. whole blood
  2. 11. All of the following are true of the nervous system, except that it doesnÂ’t

    A. function independently of the endocrine system.
  3. 12. Which of these is not one of the formed elements of blood?

    C. antibodies
  4. 13. The most abundant component of plasma is

    C. water
  5. 14. A bruise appears as a greenish spot in the skin because

    E. the heme group in the hemoglobin has broken down into biliverdin.
  6. 15. The heart is known to secrete all of the flowing hormones, except

    C. thymosin and thyroxin
  7. 16. The condition known as hirsutism can result from too

    A. much androgen production
  8. 17. The function of platelets is to assist in the

    C. all of the answers are correct
  9. 18. Proper growth requires which of these hormones?

    D. all of the answers are correct
  10. 19. Which of the following elements is necessary for the production of thyroid hormone?

    A. iodine
  11. 20. Each of the following is a characteristic of whole blood, except a

    B. viscosity about the same as water
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