SAT Vocabulary List 7

  1. ulterior
    adj. hidden; unstated
  2. saturate
    v. soak thoroughly
  3. bureaucracy
    n. over-regulated administrative system marked by red tape
  4. emulate
    v. imitate; rival
  5. extrapolation
    n. projection; conjecture
  6. escapism
    n. avoiding reality by diverting oneself with amusements
  7. polyglot
    adj. /n. speaking several languages
  8. solecism
    n. construction that it flagrantly incorrect grammatically; a breach of etiquette or decorum; impropriety
  9. brazen
    adj. insolent
  10. infiltrate
    v. pass into or through; penetrate (an organization) sneakily
  11. hoary
    adj. white with age
  12. effusive
    adj. pouring forth; gushing
  13. outmoded
    adj. no longer stylish; old-fashioned
  14. prodigy
    n. marvel; highly gifted child
  15. tantamount
    adj. equivalent in effect or value
  16. sojourn
    n. / v. temporary stay
  17. purge
    v. remove or get rid of something unwanted; free from blame or guilt; cleanse or purify
  18. plagiarize
    v. steal another's ideas and pass them off as one's own
  19. knave
    n. untrustworthy person; rouge; scoundrel
  20. lout
    n. clumsy person
  21. implicit
    adj. understood but not stated
  22. omniscient
    adj. all-knowing
  23. acuity
    n. sharpness
  24. strut
    • n. supporting bar
    • v. walk pompously
  25. walf
    n. homeless chile or animal
  26. dissident
    adj. dissenting; rebellious
  27. harbor
    v. provide a refuge for; hide
  28. jaundiced
    adj. prejudiced(envious, hostile, resentful); yellowed
  29. spendthrift
    n. someone who wastes money
  30. acute
    adj. quickly perceptive; keen; brief and severe
  31. rummage
    v. ransack; thoroughly search
  32. garrulous
    adj. loquacious; wordy; talkative
  33. verve
    n. enthusiasm; liveliness
  34. trinket
    n. knickknack; bauble
  35. ordination
    n. ceremony making someone a minister
  36. grill
    v. question severely
  37. cipher
    n. secret code
  38. antediluvian
    adj. antiquated; extremely ancient
  39. reprobate
    n. / adj. person hardened in sin, devoid of a sense of decency
  40. facetious
    adj. joking (often inappropriately); humorous
  41. pivotal
    adj. crucial; key; vital
  42. saboteur
    n. one who commits sabotage; destroyer of property
  43. cornucopia
    n. horn overflowing; squeamish
  44. pastiche
    n. imitation of another's style in musical composition or in writing
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