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  1. The communication system
    in the fire department had many flaws before 9/11.
  2. The lack of equipment
    was a huge contributor to a number of casualties
  3. According to Sharp (2011),
    “The radio system was a simple 2 channel device that was limited to only the area.”
  4. Also, during the chaos,
    there was so much noise that it overwhelmed the home base. The repeaters could not relay the messages due to the cap in volume levels.
  5. The firefighters and policemen
    were not ready to work together in this situation
  6. Their radios were
    not compatible with each other. This meant that they would have to physically be next to each other to communicate.
  7. According to Federal communications commissioner Julius Genachowski,
    “most importantly, the fire chief was not able to understand what the police department was doing and vice versa.”
  8. Both the fire chief
    and the battalion chief did not know the protocols for the other’s agency.
  9. This led to a lot
    of confusion and misguidance when the twin towers were struck.
  10. The failure in the
    equipment and communication between firefighters and policemen required many changes in the days to come.
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informative main point 1.txt
informative main point 1.txt