EOC Test

  1. What is a controlled sequence of messages that are exchanged between two or more systems to accomplish a given task?
  2. What is the first step in the design process?
    Determine what your customer needs.
  3. What type of equipment is used to support file or printer sharing?
    A Server.
  4. CSMA/CD stands for?
    Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detect
  5. To connect to a network, every computer device needs what?
    NIC (Network Internet Card)
  6. True or False: The type of NIC purchased depends on the type of media used.
  7. Wireless computer networks can support speeds from 1 to....
  8. What is an acceptable Ethernet cable for wiring a home computer network?
    CAT 5
  9. What is the maximum operating distance of Bluetooth?
    33 feet
  10. What is the major limitation of using DSL?
    User must be near telco.
  11. What does PBX stand for?
    Private Branch Exchange
  12. What type of network is constructed by using public wires to connect nodes?
  13. Handicapped phone lines should be how many inches above the floor?
  14. What does UPS stand for?
    Uninterruptible Power Supply
  15. 6P6C (six-position six-contact) connectors are used for what type of cable?
    CAT 3
  16. Where are the details for standards-compliant audio cabling specified?
  17. Which type of cable is the most acceptable standard for carrying video signals?
  18. What is the resolution for HDTV?
    Book says....1050, however the standard now is 1080
  19. Which type of wiring topology is most common for security system installations?
    Star or homerun.
  20. Which type of jack is ued to connect the telephone wire to the security system in order for the alarm system to seize the telephone line in an emergency?
  21. What is the device that allows the homeowner to monitor views from different cameras in sequence?
  22. What does CCTV stand for?
    Closed-circuit television
  23. The major difference between a wired and a wireless system is...
    the media used.
  24. Which standard is used to extend serial communications up to 4000 feet between two devices?
  25. What is used to control devices that are on more than one circuit?
  26. What is the first step in testing a system?
    Make a list of every component.
  27. What is the name of the cable that has an outer coating made of fire-resistant materials?
  28. What causes signal degradation?
    EMI and RFI
  29. The access provider's termination point is also known as what?
  30. What is the term that refers to any reduction in the strength of a signal?
  31. What is the unit of measure for power?
  32. What is the ventilation system's return space above ceilings or below floors?
  33. What is the standard defined by the NEC?
    How a cable burns.
  34. What is the formula for Watt's Law?
    P = (V)(I)
  35. What is the formula for Ohm's Law?
    V = (I)(R)
  36. What is Voltage measured in?
  37. What is resistance measured in?
  38. What is current measured in?
  39. Which type of outlet allows a homeowner to automatically turn off the outlet and disable a device such as a TV or a specified timer?
  40. What does ESD stand for?
    Electrostatic Discharge
  41. What are the two functions of a computer residential gateway?
    • 1. Security
    • 2. Distribution
  42. The location of the demarc is determined by what?
    the service provider
  43. Which type of connector is used at each end of the ground block?
  44. What is the minimum distance communications outlets should be placed from AC outlets?
    16 inches
  45. What is another term for patch panel?
    Distribution Panel
  46. A 12V battery dissipates 60mW of power in a circuit. How much current is flowing in the circuit?
    • Use Watt's Law:
    • P = 60mW
    • V = 12V
    • I = ?



    I = 5mA
  47. A current of 4A is flowing through a 47 ohm resistor. How much power is dissipated?
    Use both Ohm's and Watt's Law to solve.

    • I = 4A
    • R = 47ohm
    • V = ?
    • P = ?

    • Multiply I and R to equal 188 V.
    • V = 188V

    • Now, multiply V and I to equal 752W.
    • P = 752W

    Answer is, 752W of power is dissipated.
  48. Give in desending order the OSI Model.
    • 7. Application
    • 6. Presentation
    • 5. Session
    • 4. Transport
    • 3. Network
    • 2. Data Link
    • 1. Physical

    *All People Seem to Need digital phones.
  49. The presentation layer of the OSI model is mainly described as what?
    Coding by JPEG, GIF.
  50. The physcial layer of the OSI model will consist of ....
    Hubs, Repeaters, and Cables
  51. What is the Application layer used for in the OSI Model?
    • User interface serves applications outside the model.
    • Example: FTP
  52. What does the Session Layer of the OSI model do?
    • Manages communications
    • Example: Server to client
  53. What hardware would be used in the Network layer of the OSI model?
    Routers and Gateway
  54. What is the primary function othe the Transport layer of the OSI model?
    • Delivery of communications between nodes.
    • Example: TCP, UDP
  55. Define subnetting.
    The process of designating bits from the host portion and grouping them with the network portion.
  56. What does VPN stand for?
    Explain what it does.
    VPN = Virtual Private Network

    Links computers or nodes using a public network such as the internet. Establishes a poin to point connection between remote users and a company's LAN used by telecommuters.
  57. What does NAT stand for?
    Define NAT.
    NAT = Network Address Translation

    • 1. A residential gateway.
    • 2. Gateway has built in NAT program
    • 3. Adds security.
    • 4. Saves IP address
  58. Give example of TIP and RING.
    • TIP = a wire with a stripe of the color used in ring wire.
    • RING = a solid color of a wire twisted with the same color and a white stripe.
  59. Give 5 characteristics of Fiber Optics:
    • 1. Simplex (one fiber in cable)
    • 2. Duplex (two fibers in a cable)
    • 3. Multiplex (multiple fibers in a cable)
    • 4. Tight Buffered (tight, coating)
    • 5. Loose Tube (for outdoor use, blocks water, freeze, and expanding).
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